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Smoke on the Water: Best Coast and Free Energy Played the South Street Seaport

Almost to the point of embarrassment, I finally made my way to the South Street Seaport for the free summer Friday shows this past week. Not for lack of quality artists, but more for the fact that a day job that doesnt recognize early end-of-week dismissals (umm, boo!) and a slew of other shows to attend, the bill of Free Energy and Best Coast was the perfect diversion from daily activities to where we put our foot down and said, "No. No more work...tonight we enjoy..." And so we did.



On an afternoon/early evening that saw the heat soar and the humiduty reach even higher, it was a refreshing change of pace to head down to the southernmost stretches of Manhattan for fun times with rad friends and cool bands. Best Coast kept it light and breezy with a number of songs from the recently released debut album, Crazy For You. Philly's Free Energy got the crowd in all sorts of sing-along spirits, even if we don't particularly care for their style of tunes. Seriously, Dream City? I liked it better when Norman Greenbaum first used the riff in Spirit in the Sky.


Regardless, we high-fived a ton of our most fun friends and made it through the evening without getting rained on, even though our super sweaty-soaked shirt could make it seem otherwise.


View pictures from the entire affair here.






mp3: Best Coast - Thats The Way Boys Are (Lesley Gore Cover)




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I'm sorry I missed it-looks great.

best coast as incredibly boring, free energy was super energetic and awesome

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