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The Knocks Make Everything Better By Giving Me Something I Can Dance To and Just Generally Being Rad at Music

Yeah, it's as simple as that long ass post title up above, but local dudeboys, The Knocks, really know how to get my goat. No wait, that means they'd irk me right? Phrase fail. Anyway, B-Roc and JPatt do know one thing, if all else...and that's how to make really solid pop tunes. And how to make me smile and dance and feel really good. So in essence, that's way more than one thing, but shucks, I'm too much in a "lovin' on these tunes" kind of mood to care.



In addition to pumping out sick remixes and producing works for up-and-coming need-to-knowers, these two cool cats have their own thing going on...and that's in the form of their original constructions.


Up first we've got Make It Better, a whistler of a clap-happy track that immediately transports me to daydreamsville, in which I'm on a beach, toes in sand and drink in hand. It's like a mini-vacation every time I toss this gem on. Then we move onto Something I Can Dance To. Boys, you've already sold me with the title...and then the song begins and yeah, it's totally a sweet slice to shimmy and shake to. On this cut, the pair swiped Alphabeat's DJ as a base, cranked it up and turned it out with this mass appealer.  It's an immediate piece of radness, and it got a little extra lovin' when I spun it on EVR last Friday. 


If you're not up on The Knocks...start here. Cause soon you'll be gettin' down with 'em too.


mp3: The Knocks - Something I Can Dance To

mp3: The Knocks - Make It Better


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