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Zola Jesus - Stridulum (Creatures of Love Remix)

To my knowledge, there aren't many, if any, remixes of Zola Jesus' striking music that I've seen floating around. And frankly, the darkly-haunting and moving songs really need no reworking, so I suppose if you're going to fix 'er up, you better do it in great fashion. Let's welcome Creatures of Love into our beastly-world. They know the deal...



As mentioned a few weeks ago, ZJ is re-releasing the Stridulum EP, as Stridulum II, with bonus tracks...so in case you missed grabbing it the first go-round, you can pre-order the August 23 release here.


But it's London's COL who we're crushing on as of this moment, because they've taken the title track and given it an even deeper industrial-tech wash, turning the already creepily-awesome original into an even spookier and spectacular re-envisioning. Big echoey drums and a rumbling grit make this a great alternative to the song, by pulling out the vocals and opting for chanted oohs and ehhs throughout the mix.


Additionally, check out Creature of Love's original material on the 'Space. I'm sold...especially since their front-woman's name is Bonita, and that is pretty spectacular.


mp3: Zola Jesus - Stridulum (Creatures of Love Remix)



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whoah, this is really good.

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