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Eminem (featuring Rihanna) - Love the Way You Lie (new video!)

"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn...well that's alright, because I like the way it hurts." Yes, Eminem's song, Love the Way You Lie, featuring the purred chorales of Rihanna, has been out for well more than a hot minute. But upon first hearing the chart-topping tune a ways back, something struck up an emotional chord with me and I had to keep it under wraps, or I'd have started blubbering like a beastly baby. Feelings!



This Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan featuring clip for the song enhances the things the track makes me feel. Good on y'all...making a girl cry. 


Also...LIP SNARLS! (:10 mark)




mp3: Eminem, Rihanna, Tupac and Jay-Z - Love The Way You Lie (M-Twist Remix)


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Agree, the video made me like this song even more. A true sign of a great music video!!

new source plox

new dl link pls :)

The mp3 doesn't work

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