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HURTS (featuring Kylie Minogue) - Devotion

YOU GUYS (and girls): if you're a rabid fan and follower of all that is HURTS, much like I am, then take 4 minutes and 13 seconds to stop what you're doing, and give this new song an ear or two. I've never doubted the fact that the Mancunian duo's debut album would hit ever so hard, and thanks to a sweet lil' advance of the disc, all of our suspicions and expectations are onfirmed. Solid effort boys.



And now, thanks to some helping vocals from Kylie Minogue (whaaaa?!?), the song Devotion goes from boy-boy, to boy-oh-boy-oh-girl-oh-wow-oh-boy.


Yeah, it's not like I'm excited or anything.


Listen now. Right now.



HURTS (featuring Kylie Minogue) - Devotion






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Awesome song.. i love their whole album.. it such a diverse and unique song.. the guys are cute as well.. Whoop:)

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