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Robyn - Love Kills (new song!)

Fortunately for us, and moreso unfortunately for the artist, Robyn's Body Talk Pt 2 leaked last week, and unless you've been on a sans-technological vacation, then you've probably already got the entire thing in your greedy little paws. Hell, we do, and we're not ashamed to admit it. But now it's time to give a little more than my "OMG WOWIE ZOWIE" tweets and twips...further we dive, into the depths of the awesome.



In going back through a multitude of Swede-singer dolloped posts from the past few months, I noticed a trend beginning back in March, when clips of 4 new songs surfaced in a documentary for a cable station in her homeland. Three of those had already been revealed on Body Talk Pt 1, but the last, known solely as Looking for Love, was still left unturned and unheard. After the BTP2 track list was revealed and did not hold said song title, this beast's heart sank a little. 


Enter the leak of BTP2 and welcome the song Love Kills; which caught me off guard because it is, in fact, that one song I had so desperately been longing to hear in full. It was in that moment in which I literally leaped out of my chair and squealed...completely taking me by surprise in the best way possible. Savage Skulls work the production on this glistening and gargantuan dancer, which we'd fallen in love with even when heard in demo-style in this clip. (starts right at the beginning through the first 22 seconds)


Yes I am obsessed with Love Kills. And to think...it's not even the best cut from Body Talk Pt 2. Nope, that goes to Hang With Me, Dance to the Beat or Criminal Intent if you're still itching for a toe-tapper, or the proverbial favorite across all wanting listeners, Indestructible (acoustic). Robyn, you are #killingme, and I love it.


mp3: Robyn - Love Kills


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Sheena, I'm totally with you on how desperately I was anticipating this Savage Skulls-produced track based on the new song clips Robyn showcased in that 3-part video interview back in March. However, I must disagree with your assessment and say I was *SO* disappointed when I heard this version...it took all the life and funk from the demo and replaced it with techier, unimaginative beats. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Robyn to death. I heard Love Kills online mere days after having a full-on life-gasm to seeing her live in concert in DC, but nonetheless, that didn't stop me from feeling let down by this version.

Anyways, this blog rocks as do you for sharing so much amazing music through it.

I agree, Andy. The original track is too good to be left unheard. I'm hoping it either pops up on Body Talk Pt3, or the demo will find its way onto the web soon.

I agree with Andy too. The version called "Looking for love" was alot better. This is to repetative and typically swedish for my taste.

What are you talking about, people! She is perfect! She is enough swedish to be something not boring

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