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Brandon Flowers - Crossfire (DVWs Bullethole Remix)


Working on another hot tip this morning, my buddy Dominik Von Werdt, or as he likes to shorten that ish down to DVW (yes, we approve of lessened keystrokes), bursts back in to Beastonia with an edit of The Killers' frontman, Brandon Flowers' single, Crossfire. Now, if you know me, then you're well aware of my initial misgivings and meh-ttitude when it comes to the bloke's body of new work. Thankfully, we got our pal D to the V-Dubs working his magic and making us smile.




Let's erase all memories of the original tune from Senor Flowers...


...and simply soak up the awesomesauce that DVW has provided with us this morning.


Full of win.


mp3: Brandon Flowers - Crossfire (DVWs Bullethole Remix)




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The link is dead.... any idea of where an active link is?

i TOTALLY read "butthole remix" and thought..hmm i guess it fits :)

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