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The Hundred In The Hands - Commotion (new video!)

AMAZING. New video for The Hundred in the Hands' upcoming single Commotion is all sorts of trippy, sketchy, shaky and scintillating...not that I ever expected anything less from this duo. The song comes from their debut self-titled album, and the single will be out via Warp on November 15, complete with remixes from Tiger and Woods and Capracara. 'Twas directed by Daniels, who also did the gorgeous clip for Pigeons.


That venue shot? It's Coco66 in Greenpoint...which I talked about with the band when they hopped on Belly of the Beast on East Village Radio last month.





The Hundred In Hands - Commotion (Capracara's Red Zone Dub)


mp3: The Hundred in the Hands - Commotion (Live)




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really enjoy this song and band. def gonna look for stuff from them in the future. thanks for the heads up!

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