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Bag Raiders Announce US Debut Album Release Date

Oh, you know...it's only been 3+ years since first hearing Bag Raiders' infinitely infectious single, Shooting Stars, and it still holds a lot of weight on my "damn I just wanna hear some good tunes" type of playlists. With their debut album finally seeing a proper release in their Aussie homeland earlier this year, it's time to get it up and get it in Stateside. Yeah yeah, it's leaked and been spreading around already, but if I can just comment that this is one disc you should legit support and buy, then let it be known...do it right.


Bag raiders


Bag Raiders' self-titled debut will be released via Modular on January 25, 2011




mp3: Bag Raiders - Way Back Home (Sam La More Remix)






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Wow great, they annuced a new album! Great to hear that.

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