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Coming Around: Duffy's Well, Well, Well

Ohhhhhh crap. I think I'm about to eat crow, because I have openly blasted Duffy since she first burst on the scene, with her piqued vocals and canyon dimples and everything else annoying and just, ugh, about her. With a new single, Well, Well, Well, and sophomore album, Endlessly (out in the UK today), I had every reason to begin yet another onslaught of heated tweets, rants and the like. But yikes, something sounds so right about it today. Shit.




With production coming from Albert Hammond Sr. (yes, dude from The Strokes' poppa), Well, Well, Well is funky and dare I say, a little sexy. Good use of shakers and handclaps, a tidy horn section, and a beat...an honest to goodness beat that is neither big room banger or barely there, but sitting in the sweet spot between.


Also, the video is hilariously awkward, which kind of makes me dig this even more. Newsies, teddy boys and the Duffster dancing around while flashing a peek-a-boo slit is like, yo girl, really? Equally head scratching yet oddly funny enough to keep me watching.


Ok, view the clip and listen to this chimpunk let loose. Also, the Digital Dog edit of Well, Well, Well is well, amazingly flamboyantly ready to ravage your ears. It's below the clip.






mp3: Duffy - Well, Well, Well (Digital Dog Radio Edit)




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Story time!

Back when Mercy came out on the radio, I couldn't stand the bitch (I think all the Amy Winehouse comparisons pissed me off), but then I got hooked when I heard the remix she did with The Game. I gave Rockaferry another shot and I fell in love with it even though it's probably the least-uplifting album on the planet. She's too cute for me to ignore Endlessly all together, and she sounds just shrill enough on Well Well Well too keep me interested for the 3 minutes (plus the music video is fucking adorable)

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