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Florence and the Machine - Hurricane Drunk (The Horrors Remix)

You know how at the turn of this year, a couple of bloggers, including thineself, wept with wonder in regards to The Horrors' remix of Florence + the Machine's Hurricane Drunk? For posterity's sake: here. And while that was only the radio rip (oh, the, errr, horror!), it was enough to suffice. Forget that noise though, and replace your file with the official 320kbps version, which is neither new nor breaking, yet recently acquired and hitting every sensitive nerve spot right now. You are all welcome... to have an unending case of chills.




mp3: Florence and the Machine - Hurricane Drunk (The Horrors Remix)




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Oh fantastic! Have been keeping a halfassed lookout for it since the radio rip. This made my night!

Congrats on the radio show, one I try to listen to every week!

agreed. thank you

I'm glad that you've provided a better copy of this song. I will download it later. Thank you!

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