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Stream: Michael Jackson - Breaking News

Say what you want, but Michael Jackson's Breaking News is a jam. Stop with the "is it or isn't him" on the vocals tip. People, c'mon...it is. Think of his life and how it ended and under what stresses his chords were under and then you try and sing like Billie Jean was still not your lover. End rant.




Stream the new single here.


Michael Jackson's new album, Michael, is out in December 2010. Pre-order here.







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Still don't think it's him. The vocals don't have the kind of power Mike possessed even during hard times and times of illness due to drug addiction.

I don't think people are doubting it's him because the voice is bad, I think the doubt is because it just doesn't quite sound like him. For me it's not a power thing, it's just a "is this quite right?" thing.

Anyway, I think the song has a really hot beat.

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