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Over the Top - Indian Burn

Ok, now this... this right here, is some sweet sweet baby disco lovin'. Over the Top, this cat from LA that I know jack on, but now yearn to learn 'bout, comes through with a terrifyingly terrific fix of Don Armando's I'm An Indian, Too. But yo, even before OTT did DA right, DA did all sorts of rubbed up remixery on the originally original tune courtesy of Annie Get Your Gun, Irving Berlin and Ethel Merman. Yeah, you never quite thought you'd read THOSE names here, now did ya? The scoop, in short...




In 1946, the Berlin-penned musical saw Merman tackle vocals on the showtune.


In 1979, the song was remixed as a dance track by disco dude Armando. 


In 2011, I 'eared Over the Top's sped up sasser, Indian Burn, and today, I share it with you, and let you know, that this is one dandy fine ditty that will be an oft-repeated radlet of beastly proportions. Just go grab it, or all or any, cause it's so worth the 12 seconds it will take you to download. So so good. SO GOOD.




mp3: Over the Top - Indian Burn

mp3: Don Armando - I'm An Indian, Too

mp3: Ethel Merman - I'm An Indian, Too




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Ethel's version is a bit tired and too out there compared to the Don Armando version. Although she did do a disco album in the 70s and could have easily done a version of I'm An Indian, Too disco style? Disco is always cool so I do dig Over The Top's Indian Burn but still love Don Armando' I'm An Indian, Too best!

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