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Contest: Win an ENVY Beats Edition Laptop from Sheena Beaston and HP!


Straight to the point with that post title, eh? Well see... as you may or may not know (but really you should know because this site is the only one you read every day all day ever, right?), we've been in the raddest of cahoots with our buddies over at HP. We've been beasting out on the town and in the confines of our humble abode with the slick-as-all-get-out HP ENVY Beats Edition laptop. And the only way we know how to really say thank you and "see, we told you how rad it is" is by tossing one to a lucky reader. And no, we won't really physically toss it, cause that's a bad idea. But someone WILL in fact win this sweet slice of machinery. 




Here's the haps as to how to score the winnings. 




To be entered to win this contest, you must leave a comment on this post describing how and why technology and music make your every day life even radder. And you better make it beastly. I mean, REALLY BEASTLY.


You can be funny, witty, silly or serious, but one thing above all else, is to wow me with some piece of information or an anecdote about tech and tunes that knocks and rocks my socks off. Not necessarily saying that dropping the "Dre" name or some "Hey, HP is the ish" type of sentence structure makes you lead the pack in the drive to win, but hey... you never know.


Contest will remain open until 5pm ET on Friday April 8. If you have any questions, hit me here. Winner will be selected at my discretion and notified directly. Bam!




mp3: B.O.B. - Beast Mode (DJ Kue Remix)




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I got so much envy. Envy every day.
All those cool kids with an Envy, I see on the subway.
Music is my life, you dig? I make it, and I play.
Wanna hear my music boomin, through a pair o' Beats by Dre.
So many rad mp3s, on which I could be feastin'.
Every day I'd say my thanks: Thank you, Sheena Beaston!

I live in NYC and people often ask me, why do you always have your headphones on everywhere you go? well its simple,to transport my mind away from the noise and people around me. my music goes with me everywhere even on dates! lol i listen to alternative music like coldplay,kings of leon and so on. I think when your with that special someone and your listening to your fav music you imagine yourself as the person in that song and it makes you express feelings you mite keep bottled up inside, music is poetry,the instruments the clarity of 320kbps sound make you feel so emotional you have no choice but to express yourself.i think music is the key to world peace!

With that piece of sleek technological sex, I could start World War III. Except instead of guns, I'd be detonating bass drops to lay waste to my musically inferior foes.

Why not walk the path of peace, you say? I save my "Make Love, Not War" sessions for the evenings, where anyone, regardless of musical taste or gender would be suffering eargasms before they were even able to look at this slice of mechanical heaven.

I'd continue seducing soundwaves until your mom asked who was responsible for getting her pregnant with FLAC, and I'd just let her know that real beastly individuals roll without virus protection.

Ok, maybe a little. My HP may be filthy hot, but it's stayin fresh and clean. Please let this baby laptop soar under my wing, and you can see it when it's matured into a Beast Machine.

Rock n' roll, jazz, hip hop,dance, pop and the HP Envy with Beats by Dre. Technology, music, music, technology, two words that to go hand in hand now a days and two words that work together everyday, both are forms of art and both make life better. For me music and technology are two things that are a big part of my everyday life, from the time my alarm goes off on my phone playing music in the morning to playing my "Sleep" playlist before I go to sleep. I'm a major enthusiast of both technology and music, spending a lot of time researching and using both and both have become a vital part of my life. I'm playing music wherever I go, headphones on from the moment I walk out my front door to when I walk back in, the soundtrack of my life follows my every foot step. One of the biggest parts of my everyday life that involves music and technology is social networking on Twitter and Facebook which allows me to be in contact with people all over the world 24/7 and it allows me to follow and be in contact with some of my favorite musicians, find out about new ones and get my hands on new music everyday......which I've copped plenty from you over the last couple of years, like that wicked mixtape you made on your HP Envy Bears Edition. Music and technology have taken me to new places, brought me new friends and in a couple cases love. From Frank Sinatra to Dr. Dre, from my toaster to my PC, music and technology has impacted my life in so many ways and they both are a part of who I am and who I'm going to be.
On another note, I'm a big HP fan, both my desktop and laptop are HP but I haven't been able to upgrade in the last few years, so I'd love to win this laptop because mine looks like an HP laptop that was beat by Dre.

If I win you can make mine an HP Envy Beaston Edition;)

I've gone through periods of my life when I literally don't know how I could've made it without music: a dance song to lighten the mood, a banging Dre beat to get out some aggression, a soulful ballad to maybe shed a tear to. No matter what I was dealing with, feeling, or whatever, music has always been, and will always be there for me, and I'll always treasure my music as an integral part of my life.

AND THEN, there's this almighty Beastly blog, where I've been gleaning A+, quality tunes across all genres for years. I'm sure having a brand new HP laptop would let me completely experience music and the interwebs in a new way, a better way! So even if I don't win, take this as a thank you from me Ms. Beaston: thanks for sticking around and being so great. :')

Longtime blogstalker, new commenter.

It would be SO BEASTLY to win this because my soon-to-be husband is an amazing producer/engineer who up until a couple months ago had a pretty sick studio set up. About ten months ago. Guess how old our son is?

Thats Right! My amazing man gave up banging out sweet tracks to go get a "real job" and make some dough for the tiny person we created so he could eat and stuff. He loved mixing all kinds of music (Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, and Pop) and he even engineered some really amazing records (Little Foot Long Foot, anyone?) I would love nothing more than to be able to repay him for his hard work and dedication to our family by gifting him with this super sick computer. What do ya, say? Can you help me?

Gotta have an Envy,
Especially with the Beats,
I'll use it every time,
Before I go for eats.

Gotta have an Envy,
That's the way I roll,
I'll use it every time,
I head out for a stroll.

Gotta have an Envy,
Technology makes me weak,
Gotta have an Envy,
'Cause music makes me speak.

If had a ENNNVYYYYY i'd use it in the morning, i'd use it in the evening, all over this land! I'd use it for gaming, music, and entertaining. All i need is the HP Envy so i can get crazy and jam with my friendssssss all over this land!!!!!!! ;) <3

Music and technology make my everyday life awesome because I wouldn't be about to surf the web on a bus 10 years ago. I spend most of my day on buses to and from work and then to and from school. Technology also makes my life radder by allowing me to write incredible papers and produce thought provoking projects.

I don't know if you have ever heard of a place in California called, Rohnert Park (I mean really, why would you)? But it sucks! Its deprived of any culture or scene. No hip bars to retreat to, no cafes. Just top 40 music, Affliction tees, fist pumping d-bags. Why, am I telling you this you ask? The internet, and music are my happy place. I often have hopes of enlightening the 94928 populous with music I get from blogs such as yours. I have dreamed of a day where rad tunes rain down on this small cow town.

if I had an Envy I'd give it to @ZenaytheKid so I could say I played a part in helping him to keep on cranking out those mad beatz of his that i enjoy so much. check him out on sounclick.com:


Please excuse the typo before - shoulda typed @ZenaytheKid

MUSIC is the be all and end all of productivity in my life. I can always remember as a small child music filling our home, making everything and everybody happy and smiling, inside & out. As I grew older, technology added to the happiness. Learning to use a computer and pairing that with music always in the background makes for a happy soul. I find that as long as I have music & some form of technology at my fingertips, my day will be great!! More and more I find myself online for business and pleasure mostly away from home. Can't carry my pc with me and sometimes your smartphone just doesn't give the same feeling and 'a-ha' moments that you can with an actual computer/laptop/notebook. I find my self hanging more and more weekend mornings at my fav coffee shop, having my usual drink, an asiago bagel, music & tweeting, checking fb, researching my employers store site in hopes of being able to come up with ideas to make it a better & more effective site. Even with ideas roaming around in my head I still enjoy 'me time' and the music is and always will be a major part.....keeps me grounded and somewhat sane! The only pc's I've ever owned have been HP, If I had the Envy....it would aid in my sanity and I'd be the 'envy' (pun intended...lol) of my inner circle.


A new HP with beats by Dre would be so 'ish' I cant even describe it! It would be a whole different world- a world with sound that not only is more realistic but just plain beastly (and I mean that in a good way)
Being one of your older folks, I can remember when rock was ROCK! I can reel off a list of whos who concerts I have seen back in the day- from Aerosmith to ZZTop. All forerunners of the modern artists. I would love to hear old school meets new tech- let the beast out- lemme rock & roll :)

hp is the best and the envy rules i would use the computer everyday to make my life a beast i would love to have this laptop ive wanted one since i was 8 and it would be sweet to have it

I was born this way, Its the way to stay,
With an Envy on my lap, I was born to play.
With the music rad, Ill never be sad,
Its the right way baby with an Envy to be had.

I dont know Dre but if I did I would say,
Man if you aint got an Envy, you gotta get one today.
Well time is short and I have to go
cause my Envy is calling and thats how I roll.

Blind, deaf, mute and about 30 years too late, I burst forth from the womb of the Motherland, 7 short years ago... Feeding off the food of the ancestors and dancing the dance to ancient drums of gods long forgotten, I went out into the World... With no knowledge of what to expect... With no knowledge, save an intimate one on animal husbandry...
And the World was Bright.... And the World was Loud.... And the World was fast... And the World was One... 
So I tilted back my head and shouted... And screamed and laughed and spread out the threads of my life from my fingers and into the Web of Life and waited....
And then I felt it... A pulse... The Pulse... Infinitely Complex.... Infinitely beautiful. And the pulse thrummed my threads and twanged around in my brain, and beat in my blood with a heavy heavy tune, of all that ever was and all that is and all that ever will be.
And I felt my mind expanding... Bursting its seems at the wondrous exploits of my fellow Man.... Exploding with wonder at the pulsing, vibrating rhythms of thousands of nations dancing to the same tune... But never the same songs...
The sheer enormity of it all shocked into near catatonic state.... But the magic of it keeps me coming back for more and more and more... Worshipping at the alter of Music... Transported to the alter on the Wings of Technology.

I'm a freelance designer and while graphic and visual inspirations can excite my creative juice glands, nothing can set me in a perfect creative mood than music. It just sets me to a rhythm that makes me do my thing almost involuntarily.

It's always the kind of music that plays in the background that somehow sets the personality of the design I'm working on. Just recently, while working on a community-based website targeted to younger demographics, I was playing classic Disney movie soundtracks in the background! It's not usually the genre of the music, rather the personality, its beat, its rhythm.

That is in contrast to the music I really like -- epic rock, or anything that's near that. I'm a big fan of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Apocalyptica, and E.S. Posthumus and was in cloud nine when Globus released Epicon. When those music are in the background, I'm already in another world...

But there's another side to music and technology, the way that technology has enabled the distribution of music to avid listeners like me to be easier. Believe it or not, YouTube is my number one tool in discovering new music. The way that it has leveled out the ground for independent music artists to reach out to listeners around the world is really outstanding! It has enabled talent to transcend geographical location, cultural differences, and even budgetary constraints. And for that, I am very thankful to technology for making the immense musical talent from around the world be available to anyone who is listening.

In my head, my heart, my soul
if the beats stop
so would my head, my heart, my soul
but they don't stop
they go on
they continue
they evolve
there is one beat, there are many
they bring us together and make us move
they keep the universe going
they thump, they pulse, they are
we learn how to flirt with it
our tech pulls it from the ether
with it we grow together
change it, dance with it
just stop, just feel, just listen
it is there, we are one, we are

I have awesome speakers on my desktop, great headphones for my laptop and two MP3 players, plus a ton of music on a portable drive. Always dancing.

Im just a mom with a son who has a strong interest in music mixing and is going to college in the Fall to study sound. This would be the perfect computer for him to use for that.

He keeps asking me for Beats by Dre and I saw this contest and figured I would take a chance.

With out HP technology my day wouldn't be BEASTLY!
Nuff said!

HP is clearly the superior laptop in the PC world. I didn't think they needed to do anything to make their PC's any better. Now they go and drop Dre's beats in their laptops? I already tell all my friends to by HP's over any other brand. Now I just have one more reason to spread the word!

I'm a college student with an HP computer, a 2 year old HP computer. We all know how quickly technology is outdated and about the very true cliche about poor college students.

So here's a cliche college student who already advertises HP for free and would love to show off their brand new laptop with Beats by Dre... whaddaya say?

HP is clearly the superior laptop in the PC world. I didn't think they needed to do anything to make their PC's any better. Now they go and drop Dre's beats in their laptops? I already tell all my friends to buy HP's over any other brand of PC (especially the inferior Dell). Now I just have one more reason to spread the word!

I'm a college student with an HP computer, a 2 year old HP computer. We all know how quickly technology is outdated and about the very true cliche about poor college students.

So here's a cliche college student who already advertises HP for free and would love to show off their brand new laptop with Beats by Dre... whaddaya say?

With Beats by Dre, I would be the hippest, dopest dad on the planet to my kids!
Word to their mother!


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