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18 posts from March 2011


DJ Sega Remixes the Angry Birds Theme

DJ Sega is rounding out his Mad Decent Sixer Series triology in a big way. Check out the mix here, along with a free download of his ridiculously rad Angry Birds Theme mix.




Oh shiiiiit, mi gon' play dis one on da replay out errrrywhere.


So good, it makes me talk weird.




mp3: DJ Sega - Angry Birdz Theme




Contest: Win an ENVY Beats Edition Laptop from Sheena Beaston and HP!


Straight to the point with that post title, eh? Well see... as you may or may not know (but really you should know because this site is the only one you read every day all day ever, right?), we've been in the raddest of cahoots with our buddies over at HP. We've been beasting out on the town and in the confines of our humble abode with the slick-as-all-get-out HP ENVY Beats Edition laptop. And the only way we know how to really say thank you and "see, we told you how rad it is" is by tossing one to a lucky reader. And no, we won't really physically toss it, cause that's a bad idea. But someone WILL in fact win this sweet slice of machinery. 




Here's the haps as to how to score the winnings. 




To be entered to win this contest, you must leave a comment on this post describing how and why technology and music make your every day life even radder. And you better make it beastly. I mean, REALLY BEASTLY.


You can be funny, witty, silly or serious, but one thing above all else, is to wow me with some piece of information or an anecdote about tech and tunes that knocks and rocks my socks off. Not necessarily saying that dropping the "Dre" name or some "Hey, HP is the ish" type of sentence structure makes you lead the pack in the drive to win, but hey... you never know.


Contest will remain open until 5pm ET on Friday April 8. If you have any questions, hit me here. Winner will be selected at my discretion and notified directly. Bam!




mp3: B.O.B. - Beast Mode (DJ Kue Remix)




Hussle Club - Quaranteenagers (video debut!)

One time, me and my pal Terry, nee Prince Terrence, aka the frontman for local troupe Hussle Club, were out at a party and we looked at each other and remarked that we might, in fact, be the physical recalculation of one another in male and female form regarding style and schwagger. Only major difference, aside from the obvious anatomicals, is that PT is a ridiculously rad singer and songwriter who kills in every sense of the artistic word. Me? I'm just a nerd who writes a blog.




Hussle Club's got a pretty kickin' song in Quaranteenagers. And now there's an accompanying new video to boot.


Let's get to it... no clones were harmed in the process.






mp3: Hussle Club - Loose Tights (Star Eyes Remix)



MNDR - Cut Me Out (Hervé Remix)



Go get it on Green Label Sound too.






mp3: MNDR - Cut Me Out (Herve Remix)



Tyson - Ran For Love

I refrain from typing extreme profanities here within the comfy confines of Beastonia, but WHAT THE WHAT and who in the f*¢k!ng love of all things rad is Tyson?




He's our new favorite, that's who.


He's the estranged love child of Billy Ocean and Laura Branigan.


Nonstop play all night all day right now. Shit. Die On The Dancefloor and Out Of My Mind; you may have already heard those. Grab Ran For Love below. I'm gonna go weep rad happy tears while I spaz dance everywhere.




mp3: Tyson - Ran For Love


Ryskee (ft Jenny Wilson) - Horrors of Love (Fare Soldi Spaghetti Molto Bene Remix)

Ryskee. Not Riskay, as in Smell Yo D*ck. Whatever. This new song from the former, featuring my Swedish gal pal Jenny Wilson, and coming complete with a remix from Italian rad dudes, Fare Soldi, is a mess. A really cool mess that I love. I don't even know where to let my brain start comprehending things, cause it's all sorts of here and there and everywhere in between. And then Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff call out for "drums, please!". What. Is. Going. On?




And you guys, the entire EP is really good, with remixes coming from Mr. OizoKeith & Supabeatz, Jamaica, and hosting the original and radio edits of said song.


Buy it here now.






mp3: Ryskee (ft Jenny Wilson) - Horrors of Love (Fare Soldi Spaghetti Molto Bene Remix)


I Love Ice Cream and Free Cars Are Cool Too




Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (Human Life Dub)

Ay yo! The next in a line of all things exclusively rad and exceptionally beastly comes in the form of another shape we like to call Masonically Awesome. Yes yes y'all, another one of our new faves in Human Life tackles Mason and Roisin Murphy's Boadicea on a dub tip, turning one of our most recently loved and lauded cuts into an even sweeter treat for thine ears.




Buy Boadicea here. It's taken from Mason's debut album, They Are Among Us.


PS: Human Life put together a spring mix. I like spring. I like spring even more when listening to the below player, in which you can also download the mix to your Zunes. Or whatever.



Human Life Spring 2011 Mix by Human Life 



mp3: Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (Human Life Dub)



Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix)


Blimey, this song really just won't ever go out of style, now will it? And yes, that's meant in an endearingly rad terminological way. Currently, and what with our buddy boy Gigamesh on the remix rub, there's even more reason to bring Deee-Lite's Groove Is In The Heart, back to the forefront of all your cochlear pleasures. It's so intense! *




This sweet fix from the Minneapolite Miamian comes complete with wicked warped vocals and a funkier-than-art-thou bass'n'beat which is 100% Beaston approved. We cheated and played it live on Belly of the Beast a few weeks back, but that was the preview version that was floating around. Today, we are being officially leigt.


* PS, that intense comment from above? That's akin and regarding his impending EP which is gonna drop, oh... some time I guess. But you should for sure listen to the song of that name in the streamer below. And yes, the "It's So Intense" is definitely in relation to THIS.


So perfect.



Gigamesh [Self-titled EP] by GIGAMESH 



mp3: Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix)



Stream This Now: Jamie Woon - Lady Luck (Hudson Mohawke's Schmink Wolf Re-fix)

It's cool and weird. That's all.



Lady Luck (Hudson Mohawke's Schmink Wolf Re-fix) by woon 



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