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Azealia Banks - 212

Well hello schizoprenifavorite rap of the summer! Way way waaaaay back in early 2009, I hailed and heralded the quick-lipped spit and flow of a youngster named Azealia Banks. Dropping verses on a Ladytron track was so "ohhh-nine" though, because jump to today and we're totally grooving on this ridiculously rad shout out to the isle of Manhattan.




212 is her latest effort, a lewd-laced cut that places Banks' unique tones above, um, are those "house elements"? Yes, they are. Amidst the b, c, n, s and f-words, you must pay attention to two wildly fantastic switch up beat tricks, first at the :45 mark and then again at the 2:17 stamp.


She also sings in this "snarl growl" for a few seconds that's half snarky, part serious and all amazing.


Get it and love it.




mp3: Azealia Banks - 212



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