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Metronomy - The Bay (new video!)

Oye! This band, this song and oh man, this video. Metronomy have a rather pleasant effort with their latest album, The English Riviera, specifically and moreso and heretofor, the single, The Bay. Slices of funked out guitar riffs intertwine with falsetto vocals for a trip down "memories you didn't know you had" lane. Meaning... I've wanted this sort of summer forever, not sure that I've ever had it, but will strive to now, so long as I've got this pretty lil' cut soundtracking the journey. New video... now!




PSST! The Erol Alkan rework, as expected, is 9+ minutes of beautiful brilliance. If you haven't heard it already you are either deaf or no friend of mine. In which case, I apologize for my rudeness in the first instance and feel sorry for yours in the latter.






mp3: Metronomy - The Bay (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)



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