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Stream This Now: Joe Goddard's Gabriel

UPDATED: stream it below or here or wherever and join me in the below sentiment.







Joe Goddard - 'Gabriel' (feat Valentina) by Greco-Roman 




Stream This Now: Azari & III's Debut Album



Sometimes, when my brother gets really excited, he expresses that in his tweets and writings, by simply "keysmashing" the letters on his computer or mobile device. Taking cue from him: DHN3O KJ;;cdw23ciDSDa7egbdsdGSDGV, or in human-speak, "Noble beasts, thineself requests your ears to feast upon the self-titled offering from sirs Azari & III, applicably available to stream whenceforth as below." SO RAD.






mp3: Monarchy - Maybe I'm Crazy (Azari & III Remix)



Urulu - In Your (Arms)

I love disco edits. You know, those swooshy, not-so-far deviant from the original, fixer-upper types that just incite slow moving and dedicated grooving, specifically all up on your boo piece. So in pops mysterioso Los Angelesan, Urulu, with a classy cut up of George McCrae's Rock Your Baby. Someone's gonna get some upon hearing this. Forewarning to anyone in your general vicinity.




In the meantime, or before, or heck, even after you listen to this smooth body rocker, check out how hot McCrae is in the below video. ALMOST as fine as those two, yes TWO, mics the host announcer is using.








mp3: Urulu - In Your (Arms)



Kimbra - Cameo Lover (Shook Remix)


We know Kimbra. We love Kimbra. We know Shook. We love Shook. So when a super duper Dutch producer in the latter grabs a hold of a New Zealander's song stylings in the former... magic happens, and we're pretty darn pleased to toss it in your direction.




Grab this free remix now before it's everywhere.


Because it WILL be.


FUNK and GO!




mp3: Kimbra - Cameo Lover (Shook Remix)



Kingdom Remixes MNDR and Teams Up With Electrik Red's Naomi Allen? Pearl Clutch!

Last month, the homegirl MNDR dropped onto the raddest radio show in the game, Belly of the Beast (Thursdays 8pm ET), on East Village Radio. She hinted that her single, Cut Me Out, was officially remixed by an NYC radass, and here we present you with the full on facts. It's Kingdom. And it's ah so ah good. Also... news of his new single today makes me swoon like a sweltering beast. Holy!




Kingdom, a [dance] producer renowned for his devotion to R&B, has teamed up with Naomi Allen for his next single. Allen makes up one quarter of Electrik Red, the criminally underrated US girl group whose debut album, 2009′s Dream-governed How to Be a Lady, Vol. 1, represents one of the great modern R&B full-lengths. Her and Kingdom’s collaboration is titled Take Me, and is due for release on Fool’s Gold, this coming Tuesday, July 26. On the B-side, you’ll find If You Buck, a “dreamlike crunk instrumental” built around harps and finger snaps. (via)


You can stream Take Me here or grab the MNDR mix at this link.


So much ear love right now.






Lil' Kim - Crush On You (Matpat Edit)



For more on Matpat, go check out the rest of his edits and originals and remixes and general radness right ova hia and hia!




mp3: Lil' Kim - Crush On You (Matpat Edit)



Skatt Brothers - Walk the Night




Well hello there. Busy lil bee-ston lately here in the land of the Sheena. But in we pop to let you know that the main man, Todd Terje, threw down a wicked outdoor set at the Gowanus Grove (c'mon, it's really still The Yard, right?) for the Mister Sunday party. He played a crazy, and expectedly, rad set which included the below song that I have not been able to get out of my head for, oh... going on 12+ hours now.


Not a bad problem to have.




mp3: Skatt Brothers - Walk the Night



The Coasters - Down in Mexico (POSSO Bootleg)

POSSO (meaning “I can”) is a fashionable musical collaboration between best friends Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini. Together, they bridge design, music and art in an ever-evolving project that takes them all over the world. POSSO works to create an all around sensory experience which brings us to a new mix, a new fix... a rad lil' twist on something we love so dear. Enough with the words... bring on the tune!




Oft more than not, I'll thrown down a little taste of The Coasters' Down in Mexico whenever I spin out and about. Or just in my headphones. See, the track is SUCH a track. But sometimes originals can be, well, just original... and it could be nice to hear something brushed up in beastly fashion. Enter POSSO.


You can grab their deliciously fun and funky mix of the song, and while you're listening and loving this poolside pumper, check out their new fashion line collaboration with Volcom.


Free swag please?




mp3: The Coasters - Down in Mexico (POSSO Bootleg)



Listen to a New Monarchy Song, Jealous Guy, and Pre-Order Debut Album (Finally)




After a leak and some delays and some hullaballoo surrounding the imepndingly fantastic debut offering from Monarchy, we're pretty pumped as pumped could be to let you know that you can pre-order the release now. It's called Around the Sun and your advance "oooh I want it" link is here. In the meantime, listen to a new song, Jealous Guy, below in the player.


Also, something of note: Maybe I'm Crazy is the next single, and it's got a remix from Azari & III which is sure to whet my waiting whistle. Additionally, I had Monarchy call into EVR's Belly of the Beast earlier this year. Listen to said chat right here, ok.



Jealous Guy by Monarchy 



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