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Goodnight, Sweetheart

I generally refrain from personal divulgences, but in receiving a number of inquiries about a significant abscence of beastly radness, I'll simply note that my grandmother (whom we endearingly called, Sweetheart) passed last week, so focuses were justifiably shifted. Patience is appreciated. Also, high fives.


Goodnight, Sweetheart. I love you.




mp3: The Platters - Goodnight Sweetheart


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Sorry for your loss, I know it must be hard. :/

Please take all the time you need!
Family comes first....there will always be new music.

Hey Sheena, sorry to hear that and hope your inner beast is holding up well :)
Sending pos vibes ur way!

again, sorry for your loss...we appreciate you thinking of your fans...but do take your time!

There are really good, I'm looking forward for your next post.


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