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Mason - Le Big Bob (song / video premiere!)


Confession: I've always held a burning hatred for bologna and hot dogs; those "never not natural" circular slab of pink icky-ness. Why must I admit such a fact? Well, inspiration from a heavyweight snack that Mason ate whilst on tour recently led them to create a video that coincides with the sounds of Le Big Bob, a tune packed with cholesterol and heart attack-inducing musical obesity. So aside from the pork products peeking up, I fully endorse this yummy clip and cut.




Mason's Le Big Bob is out November 14 via Beatport with official fixes coming from Inflagranti, Disco Of Doom, Luke Walker and the standard "Refurb" from the boys themselves.


Have a napkin handy. Salivations forthcoming...





Mason - Le Big Bob by Mason 





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Good music, thanks :)

Liked you on Facebook, too. =)

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