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Ace of Base - The Golden Ratio (new single!)

Rather, they're calling it the comeback single. And when I say "they", I mean 2 hot new dime pieces on the arms of the old dudes from Ace of Base...or something along those lines. A couple months ago, I featured two new tracks from the Swedish outfit, and whilst roughly 'eared in demo form, sure, we were fanned out enough to keep playing 'em. But the new disc, which shares the same name as the official legit "so that's what they're calling it" comeback tune, is The Golden Ratio. Let's discuss.


Ace of base


Actually, I lied...there's not much to talk about. It sounds like AoB doing AoB twenty years later at an AoB karaoke reunion night.


That said: I can get behind it.






mp3: Ace of Base - The Golden Ratio




Ace of Base - All For You (new song!)

Stop what you are doing right now and pay attention: Ace of Base are back, they've got a new lineup, fresh single (and additional new tune), and there's going to be a Swedish pop invasion in this Beast's ears for the remainder of the day. Not like we don't already do that every chance we get...



Yep, the construction of the Swedish foursome looks way different, and oh so younger, now that sisters Linn and Jenny Berggren eased out of the group to focus on their solo works. Instead, two new females grab the spotlight: Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson, both noticeably half the age of original dude members Ulf Ekberg and Jonas Berggren.


But we're not ones to complain, because AoB has a new single, and yep, it sounds like new Ace of Base doing old Ace of Base music, and that's precisely all I could ever wish and hope for.


The song is called All For You. It may get a proper US radio spin on EVR's Belly of the Beast tonight, but you'll have to tune in to find out! In the meantime, listen to the single, along with another new promo cut, Mr. Replay, which finds a singer named Lex grabbing the chorus vocals.




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