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Marina & the Diamonds' Behind the Scenes Footage from the Oh No! Video Shoot

I promised myself I was going to chill on the Marina & the Diamonds' coverage until the lovely-voiced lass went and did something new and exciting that warranted my ramblings, raves and rants. While this bit of news ain't quite so "wowee zowee", it is pretty awesome to take a peek behind the scenes on the set of her newest video for Oh No!



In the below clip, we learn the following:


The video for Oh No! was directed by Kinga Burza. Marina notes influences of 1990s cartoons and the old "zany neon" MTV graphics. Burza said the concept of the video steams from the lyrics of the song which reference being obsessed with consumerism, success, money and fame. David Leighton choreographed the video and described the routine as quirky and "very bubblegum pop".


Oh No? Oh Yes! Chew on that.


The official video is out next week, but the single won't hit stores until August 2. Pre-orders happen right here.




mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - Oh No! (Active Child Remix)


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