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Afrobeta's Play House EP is Out Now

Furthering on into territory known as "wow SheenaBeaston.com is the bastion of all things timely and relevant, and UM HEY WAIT... it's been over 3 years since she actually wrote about this band...", this afternoon's cochlear treats come courtesy of Afrobeta. Miami born and bred, they're priming debut album Under the Streets for a late summer outing, and have recently released their Play House EP, in which this lead single and subsequent remixes have been getting lots of the radly love.




Ok, so the original, Play House, jumps in with a burst of energy, seeing Cuci Amador's unique vocals paired neatly alongside Tony Smurphio's nasty funk. And then there's this whole bit which lasts from about the 1:44 through 1:58 sequence in which a Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam-esque vocal progession and cadence totally seals the deal for me.


And the mixes make for fine fun as well, coming courtesy of Alexander Technique and Junior Sanchez, Larry Tee and Sounduo. Not quite sure which is my favorite yet, so in that case, I'mm'a just keep listening to them all repeatedly.


Be a good lil' beast and go buy Afrobeta's Play House EP here. Also, video!



Play House - Larry Tee (Carnage Remix) by Afrobeta 



mp3: Afrobeta - Play House


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