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Alexandra Burke (featuring Pitbull) - All Night Long (new video!)

Hol' up, hol' up...what? How in tarnation does a previous X-Factor winner in Alexandra Burke end up within the Beaston pages? Well, for starters, our love of pop tunes with catchy hooks that make us wanna shimmy shake our shoulders, along with the sexy beast known as Pitbull, is quite possibly the perfect concoction of cheese and "ugh's" that make us love this song...and now video.



Now, this is not the first time that Ms. Burke has wound up on a certain repetitive playlist or two of ours. Frankly, we're really fans of this, oh and this...and definitely this one. And just because we don't write about this genre very often, sometimes it just feels right.


Plus Alexandra and Pitbull's song All Night Long (now with subsequently "eh, ok!" visuals) needs no further justification other than the fact that it made us briefly forget that a song of the same name by Lionel Richie ever existed. Plus, Papi Pit raps something about "unleashing a beast".


Big win, Burke and 'Bull.




mp3: Alexandra Burke (featuring Pitbull) - All Night Long



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