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Anjulie - Addicted2Me (new video!)

Anjulie has the sort of breath-taking vocals that make you stop, listen, pay real close attention, and then definitely listen some more. I've had the highest hopes for her infiltration of a broad musical fan-base, and her debut album does all in its power to solidify my support of the Canadian songstress.


While lead single, Boom, actually came out in 2008, the release of her album in August of last year saw Love Songs and Rain garner the most attention, with proper single releases. Select cuts from the disc still remain a constant of my "go-to" however, including The Heat and Addicted2Me.

The latter now has an ad-centric video to coincide, in which we see the object of Anjulie's affection envisioning her throughout notable street art, billboards and signages.

Watch now!



mp3: Anjulie - Addicted2Me



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