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Beastly Bits #98

Whoahzies with a bed time of 5am last night, errrr, this morning.


Yawners...here's your **yawn** bits for [uhhhnnn #stretches] bits for today...and it's all videos, cause I'm lazy.


Snoop Dogg. Video. Oh Sookie. link


Uffie. Video. ADD Suv. link


Broken Bells. The Ghost Inside. On Jimmy Kimmel. link


This kid. In a diaper. Killing some dance moves. link


Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Acoustic version. Goodbye Kiss. link


mp3: Florence and the Machine - Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer Cover - Arthur Baker Remix)


HURTS - Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker Remix)

I love when things work out in coincidentally seamless fashion. Here I am drafting a post about a truly terrific mix of HURTS' Wonderful Life, and the beacon of chart-topper knowledge, Popjustice, has just unleashed a new video for an as-yet-to-be-determined single, Blood, Tears & Gold.


Here's the thing. HURTS is one of those beastly rarities that I get super selfish about. The minimistically-artistic UK duo are so good that I don't want to share. But, in a moment of charitable execution, away we go.


I first fell for Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson's novel nuances when the video for their debut single, Wonderful Life, first fell into Beastonia mid-last year. The black-and-white cinematography, along with Hutchcraft's distinct vocals, grab hold of your heart and never let go as the song courses through your veins. Watch here, (oh shucks it's since been marked private!) then check out my equation for how rad these boys are below.

(Sinead O'Connor + George Michael ballads) - (religion x parking lots) = HURTS

It's all so painstakingly gorgeous. HURTS will spend February not coming to the US and honoring me an audience with 'em, but if you fancy yourself in the UK, check here for live date details.


mp3: HURTS - Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker Remix)

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