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Parallels Covered The Ramones; are Playing Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday, September 25

Parallels are bringing their unique brand of dark, shimmering dance pop to Brooklyn, and whoa whoa whoa, who the heck is this band? Some information: Parallels is an electronic-pop duo consisting of Cameron Findlay (former drummer of Crystal Castles) and honey-haired front girl Holly Dodson, whose vocals combine the intense balladry of Kate Bush with the sweetness of Kylie Minogue and Madonna's true-blue era. Their sound is easily likened to classic pop sentiments of the "big guys" like New Order and Depeche Mode, but with a modern relevancy.





Parallels will be releasing a deluxe edition of debut full-length, Visionaries, on October 26 through Marigold Records. This US-exclusive re-issue features a bonus disc featuring remixes from Gypsy Midnight, Human Life, TRUST and Dark Esquire, as well as a cover of The Ramones' Pet Sematary, which you can actually snag for free below.


Want more details about their show this Saturday? Hit this link to grab a ticket.


Erika from Au Revoir Simone will also be DJing, so you know...um, GO.




mp3: Parallels - Pet Sematary (Ramones Cover)




Aeroplane and Neon Indian Remixed Au Revoir Simone's Another Likely Story for Night Light

Night Light is the full on remix album of tracks from Au Revoir Simone's latest disc, Still Night, Still Light. It's due out July 5 via Moshi Moshi, we've already listened in (and loved on) Clock Opera's fix of Tell Me Why, and hooray, 'cause we get to dole out 2 more of the finished fixes to you today.



 On deck, we've got the reworked versions of Another Likely Story from Neon Indian and Aeroplane.


You may already have these in your repertoire, but hey, a little extra beastly love never hurt no one...no sir, no ma'am! Both remixes are fairly true to the original lyrical arrangement, but each outfit rubs up the jawn a little different. I can tell you which is my fave, my I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise of you hearing and deciding for yourself. What fun is that?


Pre-order Au Revoir Simone's' Night Light here.


mp3: Au Revoir Simone - Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix)

mp3: Au Revoir Simone - Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)



Au Revoir Simone - Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)

Is there anyone making prettier fix-ups than Clock Opera right now? Let me answer that for you. No. They're kind of killing it on all accounts, whether it be their original material, or the remixes they've churned out for Marina and the Diamonds, The Golden Filter and The Phenomenal Handclap Band. Thanks to an upcoming album, comprised entirely of Au Revoir Simone reworks, we get treated to more nice nice from the London quartet.



Au Revoir Simone, the Brooklyn-based synth trio, released their third studio album, Still Night, Still Light, just over a year ago. Earlier this year, they let loose information that they'd be releasing a remix album of their current offering. The new remix album, titled Night Light, will be released via Moshi Moshi on July 5.


The mixed package contains reworks by Neon Indian, Jens Lekman, Aeroplane, and the prior mentioned, Clock Opera. The latter's take on the originally song, which vegins quite haunting before working itself into a faster paced frolic, falls perfectly in line with everything they've trained our ears to expect...piano-driven arrangements with drum thrusts that complement the integrity of the song. (I'd be remiss to not give a nifty nod to NME. They had the exclusive on this; we're merely big beastly fans who've been serviced it after.)


Check out the entire Night Light track list below, then grab that mix. Demands...not requests.


1. Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix)
2. Shadows (Jens Lekman Remix)
3. All Or Nothing (Jensen Sportag Remix)
4. Knight Of Wands (Dam Mantle Remix)
5. The Last One (Mack Winston Dub Remix)
6. Trace A Line (Montag Remix)
7. Only You Can Make You Happy (Deradoorian remix)
8. Take Me As I Am (Max Cooper Remix)
9. Anywhere You Looked (Your Twenties Remix)
10. Organized Scenery (Bass Clef Remix)
11. We Are Here (Silver Columns Remix)
12. Tell Me (Clock Opera remix)
13. Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)


mp3: Au Revoir Simone - Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)



Au Revoir Simone - Only You Can Make You Happy (PUNCHES Remix)

Earlier this month, we got introductorially down with PUNCHES, a BK troop of boys who we know from one realm, act, party or the like. Together, they've come together to smack us with a hit of drippy disco dancers and while we initially had to wait to drop this official mix, today we wait no more.




Want to know more about these cool cats? Here's their legit bio, aside from my beastly ramblings: PUNCHES was born during a cab ride one cold, Brooklyn December night, with thoughts of warm weather and the perfect summer soundtrack. Composed of twin brother DJ’s Finger on the Pulse, Alan Astor and The Kid Robb, PUNCHES is united by a common goal to get you moving. The sound is dynamic and fresh, heavily influenced by disco vibes with indie elements. They have produced original tracks featuring Alan Astor on vocals, as well as an official remix for indie pop sweethearts Au Revoir Simone. Based in Brooklyn, PUNCHES plan on setting the night ablaze in a club near you.


After getting some rad responses to their mixtape, Somebody Has to Help You, the lads finally let loose their remix of ARS's Only You Can Make You Happy. We love this fixed up jaunt...but think the title doesn't befit the mix any more. Not only YOU can make yourself happy...but this tune is pretty much guaranteed to make you feel great too.


Reminder: As if I've not obsessed enough about this, but April 24 sees the live debut of PUNCHES, with rad guests Xinobi, Moulinex, VDRK and our main man, Justin Faust! More details here.


mp3: Au Revoir Simone - Only You Can Make You Happy (PUNCHES Remix)



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