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Groove Armada - Look Me In The Eye Sister (new video and remix!)

Groove Armada's latest album, Black Light, sees the lads in a return to all roots that made me initially love them. Big beats, bassy tunes and vocals that float in and out of their stellar arrangements. Their new single, Look Me In The Eye Sister, is another prime example of the boys' finest efforts, and now, we've got some visuals. Say hey!



Holy miniatures and figurines! This is one tiny little concert I'd like to attend. Especially nice touch with the "fan cam" footage spliced throughout the clips of the small singers and song-makers hosting what seems to be the cutest concert ever.


Groove Armada's Look Me In The Eye Sister is out now. But it here.


Let's watch the video!




mp3: Groove Armada - Look Me In The Eye Sister (Audiojack Remix)


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