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Beastly Listening: Beni's Debut, House of Beni



Modular's latest in all things house and haute, Beni bursts forth with a sneak peak preview of his debut album, due out October 11 here in the States. Having already heard the tracks It's a Bubble and Someone Just Like You, House of Beni rounds out with 8 more rad records to add to your repertoire. We'd suggest specific ones for you to listen and love up on, but we barely make it past opening cut, Sway (featuring vocals from Nomi Ruiz of Jessica 6), before we're already hitting repeat.


Pre-order Beni's House of Beni here



Beni - House of Beni by modularpeople 




Flight Facilities (ft Jess) - Foreign Language (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)

If you've ever thought to yourself, "Man, what I'd really love to do right now... is the hustle. But I'd appreciate some new radly awesome song to do that very disco dance to", then my dear beasts, boys and girls, you are in luck. Drop Out Orchestra, making 'dem bell bottomed-bootys bounce today!




Sydney duo Flight Facilities' brand new single, Foreign Language (ft. Jess), is out now on iTunes through Future Classic. FF's very first solo track, Crave You feat. Giselle took everyone by surprise; 2 Sydney DJ / producers that cut their teeth with cult party remixes, created what became arguably one of the best pop cuts of 2010 and we think it's pretty safe to say that this newb has all the right ingredients for another timeless summer anthem. And it already has a bootleg roller rink video!


Buy it here. Listen to the Drop Out Orchesta remix below and just bask in the rad.


(PS: the single/remix EP comes with new Flight Facilities' song, Feelin' You, and an accompanying Jonny Pow! fix which you can stream here.)




Flight Facilities feat. Jess - Foreign Language (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) by Drop Out Orchestra 




Azari & III to Release Debut Album on July 29

Bringing with them every feeling of vice and ecstasy, Azari & III's debut album is set to become the sound of a dystopian summer with their innately brooding beat and sordid-pop edge. Sounding like a combination of New York '79, Chicago in '86 and the world in the future, this Canadian quartet behold one of the most exciting new directions in dance music with their sizzling update of classic house and electro pop that is unbeatable in the discotheque and unstoppable in your dreams. (via: ctrl+c and ctrl+v directly from the press release, but I couldn't have said it any better, so I didn't!)




Their debut album will be released in Australia on July 29 via Modular. Check out the tracklisting below and get excited!


01. Into the Night
02. Reckless (With Your Love)
03. Tunnel Vision
04. Indigo
05. Lost In Time
06. Infiniti
07. Change of Heart
08. Manhooker
09. Undecided
10. Hungry for Power
11. Manic




mp3: Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love (Midnight Magic Remix)



Al White - F.I.L.W.M.



Something special for you to get in on, courtesy of budding Aussie producer, Al White


I wanna do something rad while I listen to this. You?


Grab the original, as well as his edit of Sly and the Family Stone's If You Want Me to Stay. So smooth!




mp3: Al White - F.I.L.W.M.

mp3: Sly and the Family Stone - If You Want Me to Stay (Al White Edit)



Yeasayer - Crazy (Seal Cover)

Never thought you'd see a Seal song here in these pages, eh? Nor did I, but when Brooklyn's Yeasayer heads down under, specifically to Australia's Triple J show to crush a cover of Crazy, the results are fantastic. It's like getting a kiss from a rose. #immediatefacepalm for that innuendo.




mp3: Yeasayer - Crazy (Seal Cover)



PNAU - The Truth (new single and Sam La More remix!)

Sir Smiley McSmiles A Lot is in the building, granting grins to those who need a dose of happy. And how does this magical music mover make that happen? By letting us in on the new PNAU single, and a sweet fix from Sam La More.




The Australian duo of Nick Littlemore and Pete Mayes have described their forthcoming 4th studio album, Soft Universe, as “a bit Bowie, a bit Bono, and a bit Burt Bacharach”.


This single and subsequent remix, we say, are "a bit Beastly".






mp3: PNAU - The Truth (Sam La More Remix)




Tame Impala - Lucidity (Pilooski Remix)

Taking the Aussie troop's track from The Doors to the dance floor, one of my favorite Frenchmen, Pilooski, jumps in on this fix of Tame Impala's Lucidity, adding new bits of sonic squelching that are simply sublime.


Tame imapala


The single is out officially today (buy it here), watch the video for Lucidity at this link, then try your best to snag a ticket to their upcoming US tour/shows.


The first night in NYC is already sold out, but yay, two nights. Get your pass now.


Remix = rad.




mp3: Tame Impala - Lucidity (Pilooski Remix)




Bag Raiders Announce US Debut Album Release Date

Oh, you know...it's only been 3+ years since first hearing Bag Raiders' infinitely infectious single, Shooting Stars, and it still holds a lot of weight on my "damn I just wanna hear some good tunes" type of playlists. With their debut album finally seeing a proper release in their Aussie homeland earlier this year, it's time to get it up and get it in Stateside. Yeah yeah, it's leaked and been spreading around already, but if I can just comment that this is one disc you should legit support and buy, then let it be known...do it right.


Bag raiders


Bag Raiders' self-titled debut will be released via Modular on January 25, 2011




mp3: Bag Raiders - Way Back Home (Sam La More Remix)






Band of Skulls - Strict Machine (Goldfrapp Cover)

Earlier today, a few of us in the EVR office found a few minutes of solace whilst listening to some quick hits from Band of Skulls. The London garage rock trio easily slides in and out of everything from power riffs to Radiohead-esque tones, but did you know they're also pretty adept at getting their electropop on?


Band of skulls


Here, they cover Goldfrapp's Strict Machine, live on Australia's Triple J. BoS take the English duo's definitive sexy jam from boudoir to blissful.


Simply lovely.




mp3: Band of Skulls - Strict Machine (Goldfrapp Cover)





Tame Impala - Lucidity (new video!)

Tame Impala won't soon get off my most played list of 2010, thanks to their stunning debut, Innerspeaker. Champions of messy and fuzzy synthed out garage-rock, the Aussies know how to make loose sounds echo so tightly, and that fact is most evident in album track, Lucidity.


Tame impala



There's a great story behind the making of the new video for the aforementioned track, which you can read all about here, and includes tales of weather balloons, flights, spinning, and the like. Or you can watch the new clip for Lucidity below. The choice is yours really.


Also, after the vid, grab the Canyons remix of Tame Impala's Half Glass Full Of Wine. It pretty much slays faces.


Reminder: Tame Impala play Bowery Ballroom on November 18. Tickets here.






mp3: Tame Impala - Half Full Glass Of Wine (Canyons Remix)



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