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Stream This Now: Azari & III's Debut Album



Sometimes, when my brother gets really excited, he expresses that in his tweets and writings, by simply "keysmashing" the letters on his computer or mobile device. Taking cue from him: DHN3O KJ;;cdw23ciDSDa7egbdsdGSDGV, or in human-speak, "Noble beasts, thineself requests your ears to feast upon the self-titled offering from sirs Azari & III, applicably available to stream whenceforth as below." SO RAD.






mp3: Monarchy - Maybe I'm Crazy (Azari & III Remix)



Listen to a New Monarchy Song, Jealous Guy, and Pre-Order Debut Album (Finally)




After a leak and some delays and some hullaballoo surrounding the imepndingly fantastic debut offering from Monarchy, we're pretty pumped as pumped could be to let you know that you can pre-order the release now. It's called Around the Sun and your advance "oooh I want it" link is here. In the meantime, listen to a new song, Jealous Guy, below in the player.


Also, something of note: Maybe I'm Crazy is the next single, and it's got a remix from Azari & III which is sure to whet my waiting whistle. Additionally, I had Monarchy call into EVR's Belly of the Beast earlier this year. Listen to said chat right here, ok.



Jealous Guy by Monarchy 




Azari & III - Manic (new single!)




Beaston-faves, Azari & III, have announced their latest single, Manic, which will come with a host of remixes from the likes of DJ Sneak and Tiger & Woods. Former Bang Gang member Finger Prince and rising Double Denim act Christian Aids have also been called on to remix the track. Manic will be released on July 24. RAD!




mp3: Azari & III - Manic



Azari & III to Release Debut Album on July 29

Bringing with them every feeling of vice and ecstasy, Azari & III's debut album is set to become the sound of a dystopian summer with their innately brooding beat and sordid-pop edge. Sounding like a combination of New York '79, Chicago in '86 and the world in the future, this Canadian quartet behold one of the most exciting new directions in dance music with their sizzling update of classic house and electro pop that is unbeatable in the discotheque and unstoppable in your dreams. (via: ctrl+c and ctrl+v directly from the press release, but I couldn't have said it any better, so I didn't!)




Their debut album will be released in Australia on July 29 via Modular. Check out the tracklisting below and get excited!


01. Into the Night
02. Reckless (With Your Love)
03. Tunnel Vision
04. Indigo
05. Lost In Time
06. Infiniti
07. Change of Heart
08. Manhooker
09. Undecided
10. Hungry for Power
11. Manic




mp3: Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love (Midnight Magic Remix)



Cut Copy - Take Me Over (Azari & III Remix)

And your winning song of the day is...






mp3: Cut Copy - Take Me Over (Azari & III Remix)




This Happened: 3rd Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Fest (BEMF) Took the Night in Williamsburg

Sure it wasn't the summertime soiree we'd grown accustomed to over the past two years, but the 3rd Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (BEMF), with its new December date and stages split between neighboring venues Public Assembly and Music Hall of Williamsburg, still managed to usher in local 'lectro-heads, lovers and artists alike for one night. And hey, the new wintertime placement? We dig and dug it, considering 3 changes of tank tops were not needed and left in the drawers of Beastonia. But hey, let's talk about the music we saw! 




First up, we caught local duo, French Horn Rebellion, an act that we'd had every intention of catching live sooner than later, but finally got to experience during the fest. Taking the Music Hall stage just after 10pm, we had our reservations, considering their recorded material falls in the "oh this is good, but not something I'll go back to on the reg..." line, however, the live show that brothers Robert and David put on is worth the wonder. Energetically involving the crowd, the performance was a flurry of keys, horns and spastically awesome dance moves. Rad stuff.


Javelin, another pair of dudes, were up next at Public Assembly and sure we've seen 'em before, but this might've been the first go 'round in which we saw the crowd sing every word to each kazooed song, leaving the candy raver kids' smiles so mega bright, that their pearlies could have powered a small generator. Post-set, we caught a hot minute of Blu Jemz doing his deck work before jumping back to MHoW for the CREEP set. Flax and Dillard dropped Ciara's Ride once again, and yeah, it slayed me so good for the second time.


Brief break in the action to catch up with old and new friends before hitting PubAss once more for my most anticipated set of the evening: a 1:00am live stage performance by Torontonians, Azari & III. From the first seconds after Dinamo and Alixander (along with the fashionable vocalists and voguers, Syf and Fritz Helder) took to the tunes, the venue became an early 90s lounged out house room, complete with randoms on the bump and grind grip, hands in the air and a general sense of straight vibing. Well known players like Reckless With Your Love and Hungry for the Power tantalized the crowd with deep bass and booty bouncing rumbles. Hands down the anticipated highlight we expected it to be. I want more of this in my life... immediately. Perfect way to cap off another successful BEMF experience.


For the entire gallery of images, please visit here, or find a few choice cuts below, as well as video of Azari & III doing the damn thing.











mp3: Azari and III - Reckless WIth Your Love (DJ Hoff Do Over Blend)

mp3: Azari and III - Into the Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix)




Brooklyn Electronic Music Fest (BEMF) is This Saturday, December 18

And frankly, I don't really need to write anything more because this all-inclusive flyer provides just about every detail you need to get right and rad with a killer crew and lineup this weekend.




For more information and to purchase tickets to this year's Brooklyn Electronic Music Fest (BEMF), point your browser directorials here.


Let's get wild this weekend!




mp3: Mini Viva - Left My Heart in Tokyo (Treasure Fingers Remix)

mp3: Azari and III - Shes An Illusion



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