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The Glass - Four Four Letter

I love getting press releases under the guise and notion that "...people are loving it..." because that inevitably means, yep, there's not a chance in hell I'm jumping on board that already crowded train. But so goes NOT the case when it comes to The Glass' new single, Four Four Letter, since when tossed into Beastonia all tight and tidy-like, well shit, the people have spoken and the people are more than loving it...and by people, I mean me. And by loving, I mean obsessing, duh.


The glass


While earlier this year, the track began to float around, I inevitably missed it and shame shame shame on me, but that's neither here nor there. Four Four Letter is the new single by NYC and Berlin buddies, The Glass (Dominique Keegan & Glen 'DJ Wool' Brady). Co-Produced by London's Jagz Kooner, the song is part disco, part indie dance, has a soft pop vocal and is a dead ringer for all I've been getting in and down on and to lately.


Remixes come courtesy of Black Van (DFA) who are Kris Menace and Oliver Kowalski (Moonbootica), UK Bass heroes HeavyFeet, who bring some UK Garage to the table, and house music legend Ian Pooley. Newcomers Bad Decision go straight to disco teching things out a little and that's naturally my favorite fix.


You get the original for free, a stream of said aced out mix, and the word that Four Four Letter is out now on Beatport and October 22 on iTunes. So do something about it. Trust!



Four Four Letter - Bad Decision Remix



mp3: The Glass - Four Four Letter



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