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Sumsin (feat. Frannie Buckles) - Sexpot Riddim

Maybe it's the gorgeous weather today, or maybe it's some under the skin-surface desires, but if you look at the last two posts, and then top it off with this "third in a row of tropical riddim rad radness", you'll see a bit of a trend emerging. We already know my love of beastly riddims, but London boy Sumsin just went and tossed us "sumthin sexy"...nay, sexpot. Wipes brow emphatically now.



The latest in his socamerenguetek-stylings, Sexpot Riddim is a steamy and slinky filled with the whispery coos, oohs and aahs, courtesy of Frannie Buckles. It's like a smoothly minimalistic sense-pleaser with cat-like purrs and pauses.


I can't talk any more about this, because I'd need to excuse myself to a dark dance floor. Or the like.


Equally awesome is his Socasummerengue mix, which is an hour of upbeat tropically-funky beats. Alright, now back to our regularly scheduled beastliness.


mp3: Sumsin (featuring Frannie Buckles) - Sexpot Riddim 


Chernobyl's Le Cheval EP Out Next Week

Hola donde queso mi amor! I don't know what any of that means, but those are like the only Spanish words I know, and with Chernobyl getting ready to reveal his Le Cheval EP, I'm starting a mini-Carnivale here in Beastonia right now. I don't think I'll have any opposition, especially after you give your ears to these beats. Olé!



Furthering a tropical gypsy house sound that is spreading like wildfire lately, Chernobyl realized that his homeland in the south of Brazil has similar sounds to offer. In the state of Rio Grande do Sule (near Argentinia), musicians use the accordion in tango tunes that invoke sounds of eastern Europe. Le Cheval mixes this gaucho-goodness with a baile-funk beatbox and a cool contemporary vibe. 


Also on the EP is Hooli-Gun-Yo, a colloaboration with Bazooka Boom form Moscow. The dudes combine their ironic post-apocalyptic zombie gangster raps with Russian folk elements. 


Dancefloor fix-ups of the title track come from Horatio, Cavalo Horse, Lorcan Mak and Yolanda Be Cool. Chernobyl's Le Cheval EP is out June 16 via Exploited. Get a taste below.


mp3: N.A.S.A. - Whatchadoin (DJ Chernobyl Bailemix)

mp3: Chernobyl - Le Cheval (EP Teaser)



Isa GT - Pela'o (Crookers Remix) [new video!]

This track has been lighting a fire under my feet for a pretty long time, but now that there is a video for the Crookers' remix of Isa GT's spicy stomper, Pela'o, we're super amped to add a load of kindling to the heat that's already been building up around this uniquely talented DJ, MC and producer. Jill of all trades, indeed.



The Medellin, Colombia native has recently chosen London as her base for the last few years...known in the UK capital as resident of the infamous nights Girlcore and Musicalia, which she has taken around the world.


Today marks the release of Isa GT's debut EP. Man Recordings proudly presents her Pa´Chikirri EP. which pairs Pela´o, a ride through an imaginary Colombian baile funk party, with hard hitting beats and tough raps that make any culo shake, with Pa´Las Mamasitas, a girl power song with a Cumbia influence. Lyrically, it´s on the lack of good guys in London. 


Remixes come from Crookers, Joao Brasil and Daniel Haaksman. Buy the EP here, and watch the video for the Crookers' remix of Pela´O now.


BONUS! Isa GT is spinning at Sin Sin in New York City tomorrow night. Win.



mp3: Dutch Rhythm Combo (featuring Isa GT) - Alerta

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