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Beastly Bits #107

Seven is my lucky number. It was also the title of my favorite song of last year...




...add 100 to that and well kiddos, we've got just about the beastliest round of the bits coming your way this morning. Hooray!



Gary Numan to perform The Pleasure Principle in full on North American tour, beginning in Orlando, Florida on October 17. link


Ben Lee won a Cannes Gold Lion for his PSA. link


If you're in Las Vegas from October 1-3, check out Pavement and Sonic Youth headlining the Matador Records Bash. link


Video of HURTS hanging out in Athens and Stockholm. In all black and white, naturally. Gosh I love these cats.


Ready for your brain to shake with radness? Bart B More's mix of Florrie's Call 911 is a massive tune. Grab it, grab it, eh!


mp3: Florrie - Call 911 (Bart B More Remix)




Bart B More - Romane (Rubix Gypsy Remix)

Kids, February is treating my insanely busy and beastly mind ever so well. After a slow start to the year (what, everyone decided to take an extended XMas break?), the big tracks and tunes are flowing in with knife-like precision. After yesterday's outpouring of love, we continue on in swoon-mode with a visit from our pal, Rubix.


I first caught wind of the Amsterdam DJ early in December, when he swung through with a major rub of his own track. Seems like the big dogs are also catching on, as Bart B More's enlisted his services for a remix of his song, Romane, which will see a proper EP release on February 23 through Sound Pellegrino

Rubix jumps into a gypsy caravan of coolness with his fix of the already immensely-massive tune. The horns and beats compliment the original so well, and just when you think he can't top himself, this cool cat slows it down only to bring you back up with a fistful of righteous stomps.

Stream it now, and tell me you don't love it. Go ahead. I'll wait.





mp3: Bart B More - Romane

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