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Baths - Pop Song (new song!)

Bummersville, USA. That's where I was living last weekend as I missed out on Baths final CMJ show at Glasslands in Brooklyn, but frowns are turning upside down today because the gentle gentleman from Chatsworth, CA is still kicking it in our hood, holed up in his temporary place of residence, making new tunes. We'll gladly take that as a consolation prize any day of the week.




From his words, via Facebook, straight from awesometown: "♥ ♥ NEW SONG ♥ ♥ totally sketch thing that i did last night in the apartment where I'm staying in brooklyn. super pop + super simple, hence the title. enjoy :D"


He's right. Except for the sketch part. I'd substitute that with sublime.


Enjoy Pop Song below.




mp3: Baths - Pop Song



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