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Be[a]st Mashes (Black Glove edition)

April 23 was a pretty good day, thanks to a submission from Black Glove. Sadly, and embarrassedly so, I'll admit that I haven't checked in on Burlington, VT's Deke Smith and Jonathan Sandridge in well over that near two-month time span. My sincerest apologies, boys...but on the flipzy, I'm gonna remedy that now.



Holy moly, these kids have been busy...and it looks like they've been stalking some of my favorite tunes as well. There are a slew of new fix-ups and do-overs that they're hosting on their page, but I'm going to highlight some of these new tunes, because, well, they deserve it!



First on the docket is a basket full of Beach House, Mims and Chromeo. After their first mash I'd heard, it's evident that the boys are masters of the soft and intimate "hey this ain't no dandy banger" style re-work. This piece falls right in line with that sentiment, and it're precisely why I love it.

mp3: Beach House x Mims x Chromeo - Like This (Black Glove Mash)


Next up, we've got two of my favorites...Robyn and Dominique Young Unique. On one song. TOGETHER?! While it is of the smashed up variety, one can only hope that this pairing will one day lead to a real-life collaboration. We can all dream, eh?

mp3: Robyn x Dominique Young Unique - Show You My Dancing Ass (Black Glove Mash)


Rounding out the trio of radness, new star on the rise, Florrie, gets topped off with a bit of the Beastie Boys. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Think again. Oh yum!

mp3: Florrie x Beastie Boys - 911 Body Movin (Black Glove Mash)



I'd also suggest you go to their page to check out some of their newer stuff as well. Give an ear to Kid Sister and Ludacris, M.I.A. and Don Diablo, TLC and Mims, along with a full on zip file of a ton of tracks.


Virtual high fives!


Beastly Bits #13

Like a great cup of coffee, I'm ready to pour you a piping hot cup of the good stuff to wake you up.


Drink it in!


Beach House's album, Teen Dream, is out today on Sub Pop. Buy the release with a special DVD included here.

Hesta Prynn, formerly of Northern State, is putting the final touches on her first solo album due out later this year. The record is produced by Chuck Brody (Lykke Li, J.Lo, Ra Ra Riot and Wu Tang Clan) with help from Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara, and Eric Gardner (Gnarls Barkley) providing drums. Free mp3 of Can We Go Wrong below. Voting for the 2010 BRIT Awards is now open. Go cast for your favorite here. tUnE-YaRdS, with special guest Takka Takka, play The Bell House next Friday, February 5. Get a ticket here. Pin Me Down is one part Russell Lissack of Bloc Party and another, Milena Mepris. Since Bloc Party went on hiatus last year, they've combined to showcases their band fresh interpretation of pop and electronica. Get Time Crisis for free below.


mp3: Hesta Prynn - Can We Go Wrong mp3: Pin Me Down - Time Crisis

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