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The Hundred in the Hands' Self-Titled Debut Album is Out Today via Warp

And I approve of every word in that phrase...because, well, The Hundred in the Hands are one of beastliest more favoritest bands to emerge over the past year, and yeah if it seems like I'm making up words to describe how I feel about Eleanore and Jason's material, it's simply because I think I've already used every other word of positive phrasing to toss some laud and love their way. But let's get into it...their self-titled debut album is out today via Warp, and it jumps immediately to the top of my be[a]st albums of the year thus far. It's gonna stay there come year's end as well. Trust!




There's been quite the impressive media blitz from Camp THiTH over the past few days, all leading up to yesterday/today's official release date (yes, them lucky UKers get the disc a day early as per usual). The band spoke with NME about the album, and gave insightful info as to their inspirations for each and every song. You can read up on that here.


The Brooklyn duo also released a mixtape which pulls from all of their musical and artistic influences, and you can go give a grab and ear to that gem at this link.


Want to hear the whole album, in rad streaming form? That's right here.


AAAAANNNND, I'm pretty psyched, because The Hundred in the Hands will be live in the East Village Radio studio with me on this Thursday's Belly of the Beast (8pm ET). We'll have a nice catch up chat (they swung through the studio earlier this year with me to say hey and all that) and I'm even gonna give up the decks and let Ellie and J spin some of their favorite tunes.


100% YAY. Buy their amazing debut album here now. FYI, they are also playing Coco66 this Friday in NYC. More info here.




mp3: Bear In Heaven - Beast In Peace (The Hundred In The Hands Beast in Beat Remix)




Metric Fight it Out to Wow the Crowd at Terminal 5

If the 2000's can be characterized by one band's formation and rise from underground darlings to stadium filler worthy contenders, then give Metric the prize. Now, sure that might be my own beastly opinion, but having released four successful albums in the past nine years, touring worldwide, and given last night's encouraging and energetic romp through a sold-out Terminal 5, then I'll know I'm not alone in the sentiment.



Drawing heavily from their 2009 album, Fantasies, the Canadian four-some entered the stage to the opening beats of Twilight Galaxy, after an opening set by Bear in Heaven. Generally known as one of the softer cuts from the release, the band decided to amp up their live rendition of the song, by tossing in an extended instrumental break and throttling drum sequences, leading front-woman Emily Haines to thrash behind her keys.


Jumping from one end of the stage to the next, from behind the keys to the end of the risers, Haines led her mates through a quick and efficient set....choosing to go from one song to the next with little to no banter in between. These are the kinds of performances I love to see: a dedicated focus on the music that does not let an audience lull in between...there's no room to be left disappointed or bored, and I commend Metric for their flourish of radness.


Save for Blindness, the entire span of their latest offering was on display, a feat I'm proud to have witnessed since after having seen them perform many times, this was the first I'd had to witness the newer material. Choosing to save the proverbial fan favorites until the next to last song (Dead Disco) and the 2-song encore of Monster Love and an acoustic run through Combat Baby, Haines, Shaw, Scott-Key and Winstead wowed the crowd when, during an extended version of Empty, the flaxen-haired singer began singing the lyrics of Beastie Boys' Fight For Your Right over the instrumentation.


Fight on and win they did.


Full set of images from the show can be found here. Video of Gold Guns Girls is below select shots and the set list. Images from Bear in Heaven's opening set can be viewed here.






Twilight Galaxy
Satellite Mind
Front Row
Help I’m Alive
Empty // Fight For Your Right (to Party)
Collect Call
Gold Guns Girls
Gimme Sympathy
Sick Muse
Dead Disco
Stadium Love

Monster Hospital
Combat Baby [acoustic]






mp3: Metric - Between The Bars (Elliott Smith Cover)

mp3: Metric - Sick Muse (Adam Freeland Remix)



Metric - Gold Guns Girls (new video!)

Late last month, Metric released Gold Guns Girls as their current UK single. Coming off their stellar 2009 album, Fantasies, the track was backed with the B-side of the Adam Freeland's remix of Sick Muse. (buy the single here) Long awaited visuals for the title track of this latest effort are now upon us too. Let's get it on!



Produced by the band, along with Eady Brothers, Metric's latest foray into music video world goes all black and white with a frenetic run through snow-riddled streets. The contrasting visuals pair neatly with the lightning charges that the Canadian four-piece have molded on the song. Emily Haines’ seductive and distinguished vocals on the track, as accompanied by James Shaw’s explosive guitar riffs, create a perfect hook-driven one-two punch.


Metric are playing Terminal 5 this Sunday, May 16, with opener, Bear in Heaven. The show is sold out, so go toss a wish on the Craigslist if you want to get in to the show.


Watch the video for Gold Guns Girls now.




mp3: Metric - Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)

mp3: Metric - Gold Guns Girls


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