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Beastly Bits #135

It's the last time these bits will ever come under the pretense of "I'm at this one old day job..." and that is a great feeling to have on this Friday morning. 




You don't what tastes so sweet without dipping in the sour, and we're on the path to the sweetest and tastiest and beastliest rad times. So let's bit! 


Lady Gaga celebrated selling 51 million singles by a burning piano live onstage. link


The 2011 Field Day lineup is awesome. I want to go to Sydney! link


Maluca's China Food mixtape is out now for the cost of free. link


Florence and the Machine to start recording new album in October? link


Florrie, as promised, is back again this week with a new song. You Wanna Start Something is the latest in her "I'm giving it all away for free" effort. It's got that Edge of Seventeen guitar rumble riff coupled with a slightly more rock-tinged tone from the singer, and yep, it's amazing as expected.


mp3: Florrie - You Wanna Start Something



Beastly Bits #134





...this my next to last day at the old job. Words can't even...so we'll spit in bits! 



The Golden Filter plays for free tonight and then at Glasslands tomorrow.


Justice heads up Summadayze lineup. link


Klaxons will release album outtakes as EPs. link


DISCOVERY Party with CFCF and Bit Funk is this Saturday at Santos. It's free and fantastic. link


Gamble and Burke's Let's Go Together remix EP is coming out on Kitsune on August 24. I am in love with this song, so how about we share one of the fixes. Get yer GRUM on below!



mp3: Gamble and Burke - Lets Go Together (GRUM Remix)



Beastly Bits #133

On to the next, on on to the next one...







Peaches' wheelchair show, on the road! Peaches in Gonzales' Ivory Tower...ummm, saw the premiere screening of it, or rather, had a nice nap. link  


Florence and the Machine are performing at the VMAs. link


Most annoying song of 2010? link


The newer-ish twitter dude, Discographies, is awesome; portraying a definitive guide to an artist's body of work (studio albums only) in 140 characters. link


Barbara impressed us earlier this year with their cover of Kid CuDi's Pursuit of Happiness. They released their debut EP, Robopopironica, earlier this month, so go get it. link


mp3: Barbara - Pursuit of Happiness (Kid CuDi Cover)

mp3: Barbara - Running



Beastly Bits #132

The official countdown is set in place...




...only 4 more days of work until I'm relieved of the current day-job and move my butt on to bigger and beastlier things. Excited like whoa! 



Weezer's new album art for Hurley is just a picture of that dude from Lost's face. link


New tracks from Weezer, Radiohead, Animal Collective and Andre 3000 can all be heard here. link


Lollapalooza highlights...in pictures. link


CHIEF play for free this Saturday at the Rock Yard. link


HavocNdeeD mixed up Rad Omen's Rad Anthem...and yes, it 'tis rad. 


mp3: Rad Omen - Rad Anthem (HavocNdeeD Remix)



Beastly Bits #131

I think I had one of the best weekends ever and am pretty sure it kicked mondo butt.




Because I sure am dragging ass today...woo puns! So much to recap on out for ya beasts later, but in the meantime, you know how we do it... 


Cut Copy debuted new material at Lollapalooza. They also played the Pool Party yesterday, but more on that hot time later. link


Arcade Fire score their first UK Number One with The Suburbs. Still not making me want to listen to it. Yawner. link


New Royksopp song, This Space, is a warm and fuzzed out instrumental slice of summer listening. Its yours for free...hooray.


mp3: Royksopp - This Space



Beastly Bits #130

Train kept a rollin'...


...beast kept a bittin'... rad sites and go!




The Audio Perv


Culture Bully


Jonk Music


This is Why You're Fat


mp3: Hermanos Inglesos (ft MeMe) - Wanderland (Superlijm Remix)


Beastly Bits #129

In about 30 minutes, I'll be nonstop busy from that moment all the way through until Sunday. Ain't no rest for the wicked...




...or for the beastly. 



Here's an interview with HURTS. Sidenote: are Theo and Marina dating? Sources seem to think so... link


Lily Allen is pregnant. Oh boy...or girl. link


Surfer Blood chats to Dazed. link


New video from iamamiwhoami. link


I flubbed up when I posted the new Caribou remix of Silver Columns' Always On yesterday. So you'll find it below, properly.


mp3: Silver Columns - Always On (Caribou Remix)




Beastly Bits #128

Let's just do this, yeah?







Wyclef to run for president of Haiti. link


Spike Jonze and Arcade Fire make a sci-fi. link


Metric plays for free at Prospect Park tomorrow. Go, because I can't. link


Penguin Prison, Gobble Gobble, Elite Gymnastics, Gold Zebra, and Computer Magic play Glasslands on September 12. link


Today's obsession comes courtesy of Sydney's The Gripp. Taking the hot as all hell track, New People in Town, from Italy's Amari, this new producer swooped right into a beastly opening in my heart. This goes on repeat. All day long. Oh...you can grab it for free below too.


mp3: Amari - New People in Town (The Gripp Remix)



Beastly Bits #127

Still on cloud nine...




...and bits number 1-2-7. Wooo!



Kings of Leon are releasing a new album in October? Um, ok...but what happened to that remix album you boys promised? link


Highlights from Splendour in the Grass. link


Kissy Sell Out is coming back for a North American tour. link


Skepta grimed up Diddy's Hello Good Morning. Listen here.


I said it yesterday and I'll say it again. If Goldfrapp would have looked to Vince Clarke to assist in the production of Head First, maybe the full album wouldn't be such poo. His mix of Believer is below for you to make your own decisions.


mp3: Goldfrapp - Believer (Vince Clarke Remix)




Beastly Bits #126

Um, you guys...this weekend was killa rad, and for many a good reason. Betwixt friend hangs, shows, parties, and a splash of something awesome (vague...yep), there is a perma-grin on my mug and it's not going away any time soon.



What better way to celebrate than with some bit stew! Eat 'em up now.



Go behind the scenes with Sia during the process of making her album, We Are Born. link


Free mp3's from participating Lollapalooza bands, via Spinner. link


Kanye went to Rolling Stone next... yo 'Ye, wanna come kick it in my apartment? link


Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz finally got married. link


My boy BetaTraxx drops in with a huge burner on the Kelis 4th of July fix-up front. Enter the sweat! Grab it for free below.



mp3: Kelis - 4th of July (BetaTraxx Remix)


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