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Mason - Le Big Bob (song / video premiere!)


Confession: I've always held a burning hatred for bologna and hot dogs; those "never not natural" circular slab of pink icky-ness. Why must I admit such a fact? Well, inspiration from a heavyweight snack that Mason ate whilst on tour recently led them to create a video that coincides with the sounds of Le Big Bob, a tune packed with cholesterol and heart attack-inducing musical obesity. So aside from the pork products peeking up, I fully endorse this yummy clip and cut.




Mason's Le Big Bob is out November 14 via Beatport with official fixes coming from Inflagranti, Disco Of Doom, Luke Walker and the standard "Refurb" from the boys themselves.


Have a napkin handy. Salivations forthcoming...





Mason - Le Big Bob by Mason 





COLT+RANE's In Cahoots Party is at NYC's Ella Tonight with Spectacal, Asian Dan, Trillion and Me



This is tonight. Come.


RSVP here.




In Cahoots "Within Cocktail Hour" Minimix by Spectacal 





Rad News: Modeselektor Interview on This Week's Belly of the Beast

Ooooh wee, I'm thrilled for things! The German gods of all things IDM and electro, Modeselektor, are my esteemed guests on East Village Radio's Belly of the Beast this week. As always, the show is live from 8-10pm ET and it's happening this Thursday, September 22. You can read more here




In "oh hey PS other news...", my buddy Jason reviewed the duo's new disc, Monkeytown, which is Gernot and Sebastian's 3rd LP but the 1st via their own imprint.


Pre-order the album here. Dare we say... it's aaaahhhh sooo aaah rad.


Excitement below.




mp3: Modeselektor - Silikon (Siriusmo Remix)



Stream This Now: Ossie, Seiji, Peach Melba and Compound One Remix Joe Goddard's Gabriel



Current contender for most beastliest rad rad song of the year gets remixed, officially, by four heavyweights making a staunch case for "oh, ok now this is the fix of the past 12 months" notoriety.


Buy Joe Goddard's Gabriel EP here now.




Joe Goddard - Gabriel EP Remixes by Greco-Roman 




Stream This Now: Azari & III's Debut Album



Sometimes, when my brother gets really excited, he expresses that in his tweets and writings, by simply "keysmashing" the letters on his computer or mobile device. Taking cue from him: DHN3O KJ;;cdw23ciDSDa7egbdsdGSDGV, or in human-speak, "Noble beasts, thineself requests your ears to feast upon the self-titled offering from sirs Azari & III, applicably available to stream whenceforth as below." SO RAD.






mp3: Monarchy - Maybe I'm Crazy (Azari & III Remix)



Kimbra - Cameo Lover (Shook Remix)


We know Kimbra. We love Kimbra. We know Shook. We love Shook. So when a super duper Dutch producer in the latter grabs a hold of a New Zealander's song stylings in the former... magic happens, and we're pretty darn pleased to toss it in your direction.




Grab this free remix now before it's everywhere.


Because it WILL be.


FUNK and GO!




mp3: Kimbra - Cameo Lover (Shook Remix)



The Coasters - Down in Mexico (POSSO Bootleg)

POSSO (meaning “I can”) is a fashionable musical collaboration between best friends Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini. Together, they bridge design, music and art in an ever-evolving project that takes them all over the world. POSSO works to create an all around sensory experience which brings us to a new mix, a new fix... a rad lil' twist on something we love so dear. Enough with the words... bring on the tune!




Oft more than not, I'll thrown down a little taste of The Coasters' Down in Mexico whenever I spin out and about. Or just in my headphones. See, the track is SUCH a track. But sometimes originals can be, well, just original... and it could be nice to hear something brushed up in beastly fashion. Enter POSSO.


You can grab their deliciously fun and funky mix of the song, and while you're listening and loving this poolside pumper, check out their new fashion line collaboration with Volcom.


Free swag please?




mp3: The Coasters - Down in Mexico (POSSO Bootleg)



Soon in NYC: I'mm'a Spin Songs at the Full Service Party on July 8

More soon...






...I will write more about this soon. In the meantime... clicky!




mp3: Chew Lips - Slick (Jim-E Stack Remix)



LL Cool J - Loungin' (Ben Gomori's Loungin' Edit)




Happy Warm Weather, all ye beasts, boys and girls! This edit IS summer.




mp3: LL Cool J - Loungin' (Ben Gomori's Loungin' Edit)



Beastly Reminder: I Make Rad Music Happen at the ACE Hotel in NYC Tonight




More info on my May DJ residency can be found here. And a cool song with the word ACE in it can be grabbed below. We won't be playing that tonight though... girl, we too classy for bangers.




mp3: Afrojack and R3hab - Aces High (Prutata)


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