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Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (Oliver $ Remix)


Ay mami! This is EPIC. EPIC. [EPIC!] Yeah, odd way to write that out, but in this, the Oliver $ remix of Mason and Roisin Murphy's Boadicea (a song which is fantastic in any form or fix), the word "epic" gets a right repeat on, and oh boy, is it ever Beaston-approved.




Dutch duo Mason make the kind of records that often defy being pigeon holed and given a label. Their productions have been destroying dance floors to tearing it up the World’s charts for the better part of the past 5 years, laying the foundations for more forward thinking music. Its not about making records for but rather just making good honest music... and that brings us to today.


Boadicea got its proper release yesterday on Beatport (buy it here), but in the meantime you can grab up on the Oliver $ mix which we are la-la-loving! Free on the download tip below.


The song comes off of Mason's forthcoming album, They Are Among Us. Cannot wait!




mp3: Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (Oliver $ Remix)



Beth Ditto's Solo Debut EP Is Out Today via Deconstruction

And it's really beyond our wildest epxectations of all that is beastified, rad and oh so pow pow good. Which could, in fact, be a bold faced lie, considering the velvet and effortless vocals of Gossip frontwoman, Beth Ditto, coupled with the producing hands of Simian Mobile Disco is really the perfect recipe for all that is awesome. 


Beth ditto ep


Out now via Deconstruction, what is simply being called the Beth Ditto EP, is available through Beatport as of today, and will see an international release through iTunes on March 6. The 4-track stunner swims through house, dance, disco and electropop with a seamless flare begging for your toes to tap and thine booty to bounce.


Late last year, we got a teaser of the new tunes in this streaming sampler, and it was enough to wet our whistle and see us waiting with baited breath for the end result. Worth. And. It.


Yo, so tasty. Grab it here now!




mp3: Beth Ditto - Do You Need Someone




Human Life's Wherever We Are EP Out Now

Human Life, oh Human Life. Thank you for the song and accompanying video for Wherever We Are...and yo, you can read my reasonings why, after the clip.






The light and bouncy feel to the song immediately transports me back to the best memories of a summer too soon passed. Friends, parties, sun and fun inhabit my headspace when spinning this track (and subsequently watching the video) and make my beastly brain forget about the doldrums of autumn and winter that are too rapidly approaching. And while that's an entirely personal and introspective opinion on what this song makes me feel (hint: it makes me feel feelings), I think it's a pretty broad generalization that will easily transcend through your mind and body as well upon listen and looking.


Human Life released their Wherever We Are EP yesterday via Lifex Recordings. You can buy it on Beatport, which I recommend you do. Partially so you can revel in my summer dreams with me, but mostly because it's pretty rad music.


Lil' bonus love for ya: the Minitel Rose remix is on some next level xylophonic sounding awesomesauce.




mp3: Human Life - Wherever We Are (Minitel Rose Remix)




Eli Escobar (featuring Amanda Blank) - Love Thing Part 3 (Only You) [new video!]

After getting Eli Escobar's Love Thing EP serviced out last week, his 4-part player has been on a certain sort of repetition here in Beastonia for the past several days. It's like house lounge with a buttery smooth topper, and if that description isn't enough to satsify you, then maybe some visuals will aid in your gobblings up of his new tunes too. Oh yeah, yum and yum.



With each track parlaying pretty killer emotions via la dance floor, the third song, Love Thing Pt. 3 (Only U) immediately sticks out, not just because our girl Amanda Blank sings* some deep stuff, but because even before today's video came out, I already had some visuals in mind. And they're not that far off.


Crying, smeared makeup, stoic self-portraits. Oh, and there's some thievery in a drugstore. Didn't really see that part coming, but it rounds out the story.


Watch the video that makes me feel real girl feelings now and then buy Eli's EP here.


* FYI if you've caught Blank live over the past year...she sings this song as an intro before jumping up into Might Like You Better. Took me a while to realize why it sounded so familiar, but bam bam bang, figured it out.




mp3: Eli Escobar (featuring Amanda Blank) - Love Thing Part 3 (Only You)


Robyn - Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do (Mylo & Sharooz Remix)

Last Friday, Robyn launched a new interactive web site to coincide with her promotion of the song, Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do, from latest effort, Body Talk Pt.1. She'd also made note, and thus so did we, that a new remix of the song would be made available soon. We wait no more.



Here's the deal. Mylo & Sharooz are responsible for the remix of the track, of which you can buy both the original and fixed up versions on Beatport now. The rework is funky, fresh, and our only complaint is that they strip out the title of the song from the vocals and we don't get to hear that angsty and anthemic, pow! "don't fucking tell me what to do".


This is like the creepy cousin of the original. A little weird, yet still fun to hang out with every now and then.



Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do (Mylo & Sharooz Mix)



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