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Rad News: Modeselektor Interview on This Week's Belly of the Beast

Ooooh wee, I'm thrilled for things! The German gods of all things IDM and electro, Modeselektor, are my esteemed guests on East Village Radio's Belly of the Beast this week. As always, the show is live from 8-10pm ET and it's happening this Thursday, September 22. You can read more here




In "oh hey PS other news...", my buddy Jason reviewed the duo's new disc, Monkeytown, which is Gernot and Sebastian's 3rd LP but the 1st via their own imprint.


Pre-order the album here. Dare we say... it's aaaahhhh sooo aaah rad.


Excitement below.




mp3: Modeselektor - Silikon (Siriusmo Remix)



Kingdom Remixes MNDR and Teams Up With Electrik Red's Naomi Allen? Pearl Clutch!

Last month, the homegirl MNDR dropped onto the raddest radio show in the game, Belly of the Beast (Thursdays 8pm ET), on East Village Radio. She hinted that her single, Cut Me Out, was officially remixed by an NYC radass, and here we present you with the full on facts. It's Kingdom. And it's ah so ah good. Also... news of his new single today makes me swoon like a sweltering beast. Holy!




Kingdom, a [dance] producer renowned for his devotion to R&B, has teamed up with Naomi Allen for his next single. Allen makes up one quarter of Electrik Red, the criminally underrated US girl group whose debut album, 2009′s Dream-governed How to Be a Lady, Vol. 1, represents one of the great modern R&B full-lengths. Her and Kingdom’s collaboration is titled Take Me, and is due for release on Fool’s Gold, this coming Tuesday, July 26. On the B-side, you’ll find If You Buck, a “dreamlike crunk instrumental” built around harps and finger snaps. (via)


You can stream Take Me here or grab the MNDR mix at this link.


So much ear love right now.






Jessica 6 (ft Antony) - Prisoner of Love (new!)

Last month, we wrangled in NYC trio, Jessica 6, into the EVR studio on our weekly radio show, Belly of the Beast. (let's beat that fact over the head, as in, AHEM, you guys... it's Thursday, and the show is tonight at 8pm ET, so you should be listening right on ok thank you) Anyway, we dig them, and now they are offering up a new song, a free one if you will, from their forthcoming debut album, See the Light, which is due out June 7.




Prisoner Of Love [which] bridges electro and freestyle, featuring a soaring vocal melody that finds Nomi and guest vocalist Antony weaving their voices around each other to a stunning effect.


Those are some words from the press release.


Here are some from me: "I LIKE THIS A LOT". (and also ps: speaking of prisoners, and love, I was reminded of Colonel Abrams' Trapped... which talks about being in a cage, like a thieving bastard, and sounds nothing like this new song, but I really enjoy in this housey rework, and so you're getting that as well. pps: COFFEE RAMBLES!)




mp3: Jessica 6 (ft Antony) - Prisoner of Love

mp3: Colonel Abrams - Trapped (DJ Tonka Remix)



Retro/Grade - Reset (new single & video!)

One of my most favoritest newest bestest songs to listen and love up on is Retro/Grade's Reset, the forthcoming single from the Italian duo of Serge Santiago and Tom Neville, who were signed to the Deconstruction label late last year. So yeah, there's really no room for their failure here in Beastonia. Love love love this.




The single's out March 21, but you can hear it (almost guaranteed) every week on my East Village Radio show, Belly of the Beast. 'Tis that rad!


The video's out now.


You can watch it.






mp3: Retro/Grade - Reset




CockNBullKid - Hold On to Your Misery (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix)

You heard the exclusive world premiere of the Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix of CockNBullKid's next single, Hold On to Your Misery, on East Village Radio's Belly of the Beast earlier tonight, and now you can download the track for free.




We're all winners!




mp3: CockNBullKid - Hold On to Your Misery (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix)



MNDR, BEMF and CNBK on EVR's Belly of the Beast Tonight

How's that for a damn post title? It's like, "hey ILU IRL LOL WTF NBD". And if you can't understand anything I'm spitting at you right now, then let me make it a little bit easier.




I have a radio show. You already knew that. 


What you didn't know is that I have a HUGE night planned, with MNDR live in studio, a special BEMF preview session and, AND I'm world premiering a new CockNBullKid song, which you can download for free as soon as the show ends.


More details here.




mp3: Penguin Prison - Golden Train (Kim Fai Radio Edit)




CREEP Guest DJ Set on EVR's Belly of the Beast Tonight

Dudes... my weekly radio show is about to get all sorts of weird and wild tonight, when the super duo of Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard, aka CREEP, hit the East Village Radio studio for an interview and exclusive guest DJ set.


Creep beast


I was going to write more, but shit, I already took care of that HERE. Hooray for double duty.


Listen live starting at 8pm ET tonight.



CREEP (featuring Romy Madley Croft) - Days (Deadboy Remix)





Robyn - Indestructible (A-Trak Remix)

Open your ears and hearts you little beasts...for something so worthy of your attention that I didn't even listen to A-Trak's remix of Robyn's Indestructible all the way through before opening up this page to start writing and posting and swooning. So now, I'm doing all three of those actions whilst the remainder of the song plays and you should probably join me on this sexy lil' journey right now.




Annie Mac debuted this fix on her Friday night show over on the BBC's Radio 1. Love ya girl, but hey musicians, DJs and producers, how's about sharing the wealth with another chick who's got the Thursday night radio radness tip on lock here in the States.




Love this.




mp3: Robyn - Indestructible (A-Trak Remix)




Interview: Metric's Emily Haines on EVR's Belly of the Beast (Thurs, November 11)

Just a little something to entice you before tomorrow night's weekly installment of East Village Radio's Belly of the Beast (8-10pm ET). Earlier this week, I had the most sincere and distinct pleasure of talking with Emily Haines, she of Metric, Broken Social Scene and solo material fame. Long a fan of her work, this was a dream encoutner that still has a beastly permagrin plastered on my face.


Emily haines


Head here beginning at 8pm ET to hear the exclusive interview, in which we chat about what the band is planning in terms of new music, creative processes and how a solo excursion to South America influenced and affected the singer. I may have also "fan-girled" out a bit and disclosed how nervous and sweaty I was in speaking with Haines.


Listen live!




mp3: Tiesto (featuring Emily Haines) - Knock You Out



Florrie - Left Too Late (new song!)


Mmm, hmmm and oh hell yes. Flaxen haired and verging on innocent vixen status, the lovely vocaled and immensely multi-talented Florrie has a brand new EP, a 4-track player which shes not only throwing up on iTunes, but also giving away for free. Because on top of her sweet pop sass, she's a generally rad human to boot. She's been dear enough to let us give you one of the cuts exclusively first and debut-ically here.


Florrie introduction


Florrie's Introduction EP will be available this week, maybe even as early as later today (imagine that it's live now!), but in the meantime, you can grab Left Too Late before you snag this tidily packaged piece of heat. Backed by camp Xenomania, with enough pop cred to stand on her own two feet, this singer on the rise is poised to take 2011 by storm...not that she hasn't already caused a bit of commotion this year.


Known for dishing out freebies on the reg, here we come at you with the news that you can grab her debut EP for the cost of naught. Tracks are as follows: Call of the WildGive me Your LoveLeft Too Late and Summer Nights. Last month, I spoke to the singer on East Village Radio's Belly of the Beast, and then got to debut the radio play of Call of the Wild. But now you can get another song for free below too. 


Wise move: grab this song, pay close attention to her twitter feed, cop the full EP here, and then say we didn't warn you. Go ahead. We'll wait.




mp3: Florrie - Left Too Late




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