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Katy B - Louder

London's firecracker, Katy B, is on somewhat of a hot streak, thanks to super support from the dudes on the RinseFM tip, like Geeneus, Benga and Zinc. The latter's provided her with the greatest present in the form of a twinkling into twurking arrangement, in which she waxes her woes over said slinky tones. The song is Louder. Or as I like to call it, "oh you know, that one song I play about 25 times a day". Pretty sure you'll agree with that sentiment.



Everything starts off pretty stat quo with lovely vocals and a sprinkling of shiny accoutrements, and then the :40 mark hits and off we slide into a wobbly and bass-y kick in the pants. It's like rubber room radness and I'm bouncing off the walls...cause this underlining has got me in "ol' crazy beast" mode. 


I shall continue to play this many more times with no end in sight. Best. Song. Today.


Video is new too...so check out Ms. B kickin' shit with her girls. Aces.




mp3: Katy B - Louder



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