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Beyonce - Countdown (DJ Nita Remix)

Been a minute, but yeah, we're back on the Beyonce-fan-train. Current obsession? Countdown, from the singer's recent body of work, 4. It's more specifics that you want? Ok then... the current beastly feast we're indulging in approximately every half hour or so is DJ Nita's mix of the track. Eat and repeat. Eat and repeat.




And you do know that when we say "eating" we mean... playing.






mp3: Beyonce - Countdown (DJ Nita Remix)



Beyonce - Run the World (Girls) [new video!]

As my buddy MuuMuse would say, "Bow the F**K Down!" And as Beyonce would say, "F**K You, Pay Me!" And all I can say is... whoa, this ol' gal is a monster. Love this dirt-stompin' fist-raisin' new video for Run the World (Girls). Song is still mega meh, though.






mp3: Beyonce - Run The World (Girls) (Steamweaver Who Run The House Radio Edit)



Kanye West (featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson) - See Me Now (new song!)

Is this from Dark Twisted Fantasy, formerly known as Good Ass Job, aka Kanye West's forthcoming 5th studio album? That remains to be seen...but does not remain to be heard, because you can listen to See Me Now below.



Seems like the Beyonce and Charlie Wilson-featuring track will be included on the upcoming effort, as Yeezy dropped by Hot 97 with Angie Martinez earlier today to debut this album cut.


Give the feel-good track a listen now! 




mp3: Kanye West (featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson) - See Me Now



Nicki Minaj - Massive Attack (new video!)

"We got tom toms over here, bigger than a monstaaaah // bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla." Say what? Shortly after releasing her debut single, Nicki Minaj let out the highly anticipated official video for Massive Attack. There's so much random radness going on this clip, and hell, we're pretty much A-OK with all of it.



Where to begin with this video is the challenging point. Do we praise the ridiculousness? Sure. Do we wax on Sean Garrett's exposed chubby tummy? Most definitely. Then we can talk about the wigs, the colors, the "I have Turrett's Syndrome" facial ticks that make us love the Queens rapstress so much. 

Also, Amber Rose is unnecessary...other than that, sign us up for service.



mp3: Beyonce (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Single Ladies (Remix)  


Lady Gaga and Beyonce's Telephone Video: Scared Anything But Straight

If you're going to delay a video, hype it up so as to make it a multimedia affair across television and web portals and defy the status quo by essentially making it a near 10 minute mini-feature, then you'd best make good on the fact that this is THE video that sums up the ideation of young America, technology and the social commentary surrounding it. Let's ring up Lady Gaga, to see what exactly she has in store in her latest visual affair, Telephone.


The first and most notable theme throughout the mini-movie is the Tarantino-esque nod to campy cinematics, all much more in your face than Quentin normally goes. See, Gaga pulls directly from the famed director, in using the same typeface, witty banter and even the exact P*ssy Wagon from Kill Bill. Our recurring thought is WWQTS?

Aside from that, Gaga references her "manhood", shows off her equalled loves of near nudity and forward-thinking fashion, while completing every sequence with a wink, a smile, a click and a pop; actions that would make the cast of Looney Tunes green with envy. Frankly, the entire video plays out like a cartoon...a raunchy, sexually innuendoed and mass murderific cartoon.

Beyonce makes her cameo as Gaga's fidgety felonious friend, the "Clyde to the blonde's Bonnie", not the first time Bey's gone gangster (see: 2003's vid with beau, Jay-Z). And speaking of the criminally rad, one of our favorite scenes takes place in the prison yard, when Gaga's Paper Gangsta pumps over a crackling radio. (the song was mostly overlooked from the lady's debut, The Fame).



Aside from all we loved about the video (there wasn't much to hate to be quite honest), we circled back to see if in fact this played out as the social commentary Gaga intended it to be. There are moments, for instance, the blatant product placement. In a modern world where music videos have lost all significance and relevance, this embedded marketing ploy is inevitable, and the pop icon has embraced it. So yes, while some shudder at this advertactic, we applaud her for it.

Overall, if this is a "nod to the kind of country we are", then we'll allow it. But let's not make this more than what it really is at the very roots of it all...a perfectly-crafted pop video that champions the bad girl in all of us.

Dial up Lady Gaga and Beyonce's Telephone video below.




mp3: Lady Gaga (featuring Beyonce) - Telephone (Chew Fu Extended Fix)

mp3: Lady Gaga - Paper Gangsta


Major Lazer (featuring Elephant Man) - Halo (Beyonce cover)

While you were busy swooning over Lady Gaga and Elton John combining pianic-forces, or maybe you were trying to decode the extreme censorship of Eminem, Lil' Wayne and Drake's show-closing performance, someone was busy keeping me Grammy-entertained through twitter.


One half of the Major Lazer duo, Diplo, kept me abreast with winners, losers and general shenanigans during the telecast of the 52nd Grammy Awards. Whether he was dissing Taylor Swift via Daryl Hannah or claiming Susan Boyle was getting wild at an afterparty, it was all frequent fun through his timeline.


All the tweets were great, until one stood out in fine fashion.  

SERIOUSLY CANT BELIEVE beyonce won a GraNNY when My VErSiOn of HaLo with elefant man + @majorlazer is SoOO MUCH BETTER!

Yep, and he gave us a link to download the track for free to. It's mine and yours below, and it's much better than you can possibly imagine. Big ups Elephant Man...where you been?


mp3: Major Lazer (Featuring Elephant Man) - Halo (Beyonce Cover)

Beastly Bits #17

Grammy's aftermath! Did you watch? Were you pleasantly surprised or perfectly stunned? I have my thoughts even though I didn't watch this year. Thankfully, my twitter feed was blowing up with oft hilarious commentary.


No worries...we're all winners here. Collect your trophies below.


Yes, the Grammy's were held last night with Beyonce being the biggest winner of 'em all. For a full list of nominees and award winners, please direct your browser here.

We Have Band had one of my favorite songs in 2008 with Oh! They are finally releasing their debut album, WHB, on April 5, with the first single, Divisive, out on March 22. To celebrate they're giving away the song Honey Trap, and I'm giving you my aforementioned fave. Grab both below.

Hot Chip are streaming One Life Stand in its entirety on their MySpace. They will also be performing a "not-so-secret" and free MySpace show at Highline Ballroom this Friday. Good luck getting in.

I've been crushing on the few Crookers' tracks they've let out of the bag, from their upcoming LP, Tons of Friends. Steed Lord remixed their song, Transilvania, done with the Italian DJ duo and it's all yours below. Get ready to grin.

Williamsburg's The Woods is hosting ROCK + RESCUE tonight, with all proceeds donated to the Haiti rescue relief efforts. Info here.


mp3: We have Band - Oh!

mp3: We Have Band - Honey Trap

mp3: Crookers (Featuring Steed Lord) - Transilvania (Steed Lord Remix)

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