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Video Recap: Mad Decent's Block Party in NYC

After posting yesterday's full on coverage from this past weekend's Mad Decent Block Party in New York City, I realized that I shot video during the course of the day, but woops, forgot to include the clips in said rundown of the event. 



In turn, here are three videos from the affair: one from Das Racist (featuring Leif) doing Jungle Fever, Bosco Delrey shredding on guitar, and Ricky Blaze getting the girls to go wild for Keep it Goin' Louder.








mp3: Bosco Delrey (featuring 77Klash) - Round N Round




Recap: Mad Decent's Block Party in NYC

Perfect weather and a swarm of great friends sprinkled with the obligatory tween-to-twenty ratio caliber crowd hit the South Street Seaport for Mad Decent's Block Party in New York City this past Saturday, August 7. And while it wasn't so much as a block of partying, rather a pier-full of the get downs, that didn't stop the sweat from flying, the feet from dancing and a lineup of the label's mates and pals from bringing their own blend of fun in the summer sun.



With a lineup boasting Das Racist, POPO, Eli Escobar, Paul Devro, Maluca, Bosco Delrey and Max Glazer (with special guests Jasmine Solano, Mr. Lexx, Telli, Ricky Blaze and Chelley), there was a nonstop onslaught of freaked out funkiness all afternoon long. While the goings seemed to start slow, Pier 17 eventually became a wave of teaming youngsters, eager to make contact with the artists, as well as crowd surf...nonstop. 


Highlights of the day included the break-dancing grandma, Mr. Lexx's grumbling tiger-purr vocals and performance, as well as high-fiving all of our really good pals who came out and kicked it for a good chunk of the day. Big ups to Mad Decent, Jelly and Diesel for tossing together a wild time.


Full set of pictures from the party can be viewed here.









mp3: Das Racist - Jungle Fever



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