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Brandon Flowers - Crossfire (DVWs Bullethole Remix)


Working on another hot tip this morning, my buddy Dominik Von Werdt, or as he likes to shorten that ish down to DVW (yes, we approve of lessened keystrokes), bursts back in to Beastonia with an edit of The Killers' frontman, Brandon Flowers' single, Crossfire. Now, if you know me, then you're well aware of my initial misgivings and meh-ttitude when it comes to the bloke's body of new work. Thankfully, we got our pal D to the V-Dubs working his magic and making us smile.




Let's erase all memories of the original tune from Senor Flowers...


...and simply soak up the awesomesauce that DVW has provided with us this morning.


Full of win.


mp3: Brandon Flowers - Crossfire (DVWs Bullethole Remix)




Beastly Bits #74

Wow did I have a rad one last night. More on that to come, but hint hint...


...I got attacked...MASSIVELY. Insert wink face here.


So that Twilight soundtrack is shaping up to be pretty ok, yeah? link


Brandon Flowers reveals solo album details. link


Midnight Juggernauts announce some down-under dates to support upcoming album, The Crystal Axis. link


Jay-Z and Eminem will play Yankee Stadium together in September. link


Breakbot's remix of Jamaica's I Think I Like U2 is high up on the list of "summer jam of all jams". Snag it.


mp3: Jamaica - I Think I Like U2 (Breakbot Remix)


Beastly Bits #66

Fitting that this is post 66 of the beastliest and bittiest variety. Why? Hailiing originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I was born and bred on sports of the city. That said, tonight, the Penguins begin their second round playoff hockey series with the Montreal Canadiens...and the best most beastiest dude from P'Burgh to ever lace them up is none other than the great Mario Lemieux, he of the #66 sweater wearing radness. PSAMP would be proud...



Yeah, I know stuff about sports. Say something.


The Killers' Brandon Flowers reveals details of debut solo album, Flamingo. link


MTV's Daria finally sees a DVD release on May 11. Hell and yes. link


Neil Young recently announced a solo acoustic tour and that he's working with producer Daniel Lanois. link


A lyrics sheet from John Lennon and The Beatles could snag $700k. Share dollars please? link


Valerna remixes Juelz Santana's Clockwork in anticipation of their new EP. Download it below.


mp3: Juelz Santana - Clockwork (Valerna Remix)


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