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Beastly Bits #73

So far, every morning this week I've woken up thinking it was Thursday. Day counting fail. Alas, it's hump day and we're struggling to reach the top so we can sail through the remainder of this work set.


Yawn. That was a bore. This music news is not.


Jarvis Cocker has released an album made up of recordings of sounds such as birdsong and footsteps for the National Trust. Love Jarvis...hate birds. link


Apparently that Joaquin Phoenix pseudo-fake/real rap documentary is pretty shocking. link


Breakfast of Champions have a new jawn, free for downloading. Grab Light On Us below.


UNKLE's Follow Me Down video has premiered. It's pretty NSFW in a most gorgeous way. link


Gucci Mane's free, but the bigger news in Mad Decent camp is the Diplo and Tiësto collaboration, C'Mon. Buy it here and have a preview below.


mp3: Breakfast of Champions - Light On Us

mp3: Tiesto and Diplo - CMon



Breakfast of Champions - Forever (new song, video and EP out soon)

I'm fairly certain I've still got a number of you scratching your heads like "who the hell is this Breakfast of Champions you keep writing about" and that sort of questioning. Far be it from me to divulge details on these kids who barely have an online presence, but we can dig a little deeper with the release of a new song and video today. Your morning meal is served.



New tune Forever falls much into the luscious world that BoC have already created for us with their other 2 slices of chilly goodness, Body and Bon Voyage. It starts of with a bouncy synth-bed that reminds us a ton of an 80s after school special moment...and frankly, that's what intrigues and interests us about further listenings of the tune. It's a perfect summer love song, so I'd advise you to get your beach blanket ready for some snuggly cuddles and gushy smooches.


And in true bonus fashion, BoC drop their first official video to coincide with the track. Check it out below, and stay tunes for details regarding the release of their debut EP, Light On Us.




mp3: Breakfast of Champions - Forever


Breakfast of Champions - Bon Voyage


Hey, good thing Breakfast of Champions just delivered a healthy dose of the good stuff, because not only am I physically hungry this morning, but I've had a craving for new material from them, ever since debuting their first track and subsequent remix earlier this year. Let's eat up!



Frankly, I'd rather not bore you with my words, when something so rad awaits your ears. So here's the long and short of it.


BoC have a new track...Bon Voyage. It's ethereal and lovely and you need to download it now.


They're completing their first music video as we speak. We'll patiently wait. 


mp3: Breakfast of Champions - Bon Voyage



Introducing: Breakfast of Champions


So new and oh so rad that they barely have a one-post tumblr and "um, where's the info" Facebook fan page, newcomers Breakfast of Champions are satisfying my hunger with what really counts...their refreshing blend of lo-fi fuzziness and heart-melting music.


Upon first listening to BOC's solitary original track, Body, I was immediately transported to a rose-hued world, one in which you're warm and cold at the same time. Self-classified as "glo-fi", this New York City duo's got a certifiable smash with their urgent desires expressed through both lyrical content and unique arrangement. "Cause your body...ooh I want it..." will easily resonate in any kid who's ever had that unattainable summer crush.


Aside from Body, Breakfast of Champion remixed their definitive influencers, Neon Indian, and their song, Should Have Taken Acid With You. Both cuts are available for free below, but not before you read BOC's bio, which they included in their email.


Conceived in a blizzard in hopes of something warmer, Breakfast of Champions are completing their EP for a spring debut. A music video, remixes, and live show are around the corner.


That's it. If I can ever urge you to jump on board a band you've never laid ears or eyes on, then Breakfast of Champions are the ones to get you started.


mp3: Breakfast of Champions - Body

mp3: Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You (Breakfast of Champions Remix)

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