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Over the Top - Indian Burn

Ok, now this... this right here, is some sweet sweet baby disco lovin'. Over the Top, this cat from LA that I know jack on, but now yearn to learn 'bout, comes through with a terrifyingly terrific fix of Don Armando's I'm An Indian, Too. But yo, even before OTT did DA right, DA did all sorts of rubbed up remixery on the originally original tune courtesy of Annie Get Your Gun, Irving Berlin and Ethel Merman. Yeah, you never quite thought you'd read THOSE names here, now did ya? The scoop, in short...




In 1946, the Berlin-penned musical saw Merman tackle vocals on the showtune.


In 1979, the song was remixed as a dance track by disco dude Armando. 


In 2011, I 'eared Over the Top's sped up sasser, Indian Burn, and today, I share it with you, and let you know, that this is one dandy fine ditty that will be an oft-repeated radlet of beastly proportions. Just go grab it, or all or any, cause it's so worth the 12 seconds it will take you to download. So so good. SO GOOD.




mp3: Over the Top - Indian Burn

mp3: Don Armando - I'm An Indian, Too

mp3: Ethel Merman - I'm An Indian, Too




UPDATE: Kanye West, Paris Jones and Who Is Really Using the Sample from Wicked's Popular?

One week ago, news of Kanye West maybe, possibly, definitely not really or whatever sampling Popular from Broadway's Wicked broke. It was of immediate interest, not only to myself, but to a whole lot of bloggers and musico writers. Now, it seems like there might be a bit of a shuffle in the mix. Literally. Like mixtape and mixed versions and hell, let's just get to the news.



Seems like California kid, Paris Jones, has garnered some attention, thanks to his mixtape, From Paris With Love, which dropped on March 8 of this year. On said release, (which you can stream in its entirety below, or download for free here), you'll find a song titled Popular, which basically sounds like the same beat that West can be heard playing around with in this video.


Now the rumors swirling this morning are that Paris is a Kanye protege and the beat was created by the latter for the former up-and-coming rapper. A little more research into the twitter feed shows Paris shouting out Kanye and his G.O.O.D. year, as well as conversing with Tony Williams, a dude signed to West's label. The plot thickens!


Sure it's all speculation at this point, but it sure does excite us. More details as they reveal themselves! In the meantime, stream that Paris Jones mixtape below. Good, nay G.O.O.D. stuff!




mp3: Paris Jones (featuring April Kelly) - Popular



Kanye West Might Be Sampling "Popular", from Wicked (and there's already a remix, kind of)

Whew, that's a long ass post title for something that "might" come off of Kanye West's upcoming album, Good Ass Job. Late last night, a short clip was tossed on YouTube, which shows Yeezy in the studio making some beats. And Broadway-philes will instantly recognize the song he's sampling/playing over. Me? It took a bit of research to figure it all out, cause I don't frequent the "great white way".



The award-winning musical, Wicked, has been on Broadway for nearly 7 years, and it shows no sign of stopping to be a popular staple of tourists and tenants of the city alike. Funny I mention its mass appeal and prominence. Why? There's a song in the show called Popular, and now that West has gone from college to registration, graduation and eventually heartbreak, he's now embracing his own status. Not like that was ever in question.


On a recent trip to Hawaii, Kanye hit the studio and played around with Popular as he sessioned out some new beats. Could this be a preview of something from his upcoming album? Maybe. Possibly. This remains to be seen.


And some dude named Flipboitamidles already went and rubbed up the song with an old Rhymefest and West tune. Honestly? I'm not mad at this mix at all. Grab it after the clip.



mp3: Kanye West - Brand New x Popular (Flipboitamidles Remix)


FELA! Original Broadway Cast Recording Out Now, and Stream the Full Album

Capturing the electricity and joy that thousands have experienced at the Eugene O'Neill Theater every night since FELA! opened last November, the new album (with the original Broadway cast) is a document of that experience, yet at the same time is a musical statement in its own right.



FELA! tells the true story of groundbreaking Nigerian composer and performer, Fela Kuti, whose soulful and stirring Afrobeat rhythms ignited a generation. Featuring Kuti’s captivating music, the visionary direction and choreography of Tony-Award winner Bill T. Jones, and arrangements by Aaron Johnson and Antibalas, FELA! is a provocative hybrid of concert, dance and musical theatre, and a triumphant tale of courage, passion and love. 


The album is out now and can be purchased hereFrom now until June 25, when you buy the FELA! Original Broadway Cast Recording CD via the link above, you'll automatically receive the album in MP3 format for free.


In the meantime, you can stream the entire album below, with a free track to download after that.




mp3: FELA! Cast - Water No Get Enemy




Peaches Christ Superstar (featuring Chilly Gonzales) - Live Performance Details

Peaches, the bad girl of electro punk, and Chilly Gonzales, piano virtuoso and rap entertainer, will bring their unique, completely stripped version of Jesus Christ Superstar, to the Hebbel Theatre in Berlin, Germany. The exclusive performance begins a 3-night run on March 25.



Together, Peaches and Gonzales will narrate the story of the last week in the life of Jesus Christ – from entering Jerusalem until the crucifixion, using songs from the musical. Peaches will sing all roles including: Jesus, Maria Magdalena, the disciples and the Pharisees, alongside Gonzales' piano accompaniment.

Peaches notes: “To perform Jesus Christ Superstar as a one-woman-song is a crazy enterprise. Very demanding and very difficult. When I was sixteen, I often sang the whole musical to myself all alone in my room. It tells an entire story without spoken text, only with vocals, in the style of a rock opera. I’m a performer, my concerts are extravagant and play with exaggerations. This project allows me to do without all this. I want to confront this task totally exposed, because it is a possibility. It's a question of stamina."

When she told Gonzales about the idea he replied immediately, "I want to accompany you on piano." Having worked together many times before, it was only then that he realized they shared an obsession for this musical, and that secretly both already knew it by heart.


Peaches Christ Superstar featuring Chilly Gonzales

A production by HAU 

Ticket: 11 und 18 €, reduced for (Children, Students, etc.) 7 € 

Box Office: 030-259004 27    

HAU 2, Hallesches Ufer 32 (12 – 19 Uhr)

There are a very limited number of seats available for each night of the performance. If you'd like to attend an invite-only preview of the play, please click here and fill out your complete contact information. Otherwise, happy watching, you lucky Berliners!


mp3: Peaches And Gonzales - Red Leather

mp3: Jesus Christ Superstar - Everythings Alright

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