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Poncho (ft Shannon Funchess) - D.I.S.C.O.

This is the most weirdly wild and wonderful song I, and you, may hear all week. Poncho takes us to a glitchily rad dance floor with their debut single, D.I.S.C.O., and they enlist the vocals of Shannon Funchess, who keeps getting the promo push as being part of !!! (um, hello 2007), but whom we know and love from her solo work, along with that whole Light Asylum slice of slickness. Regardless, UHHHNNNN YEAH!




Read up more on Poncho here, then grab the track below, which can be found on their album, Ponchototal, which is out out now via Nacional. (iTunes)


What's that you hear echoing in the background? Oh you know, it's just the approval of a certain beast.




mp3: Poncho (featuring Shannon Funchess) - D.I.S.C.O.





Recap: Wet, Wild and Wonderful at the Pool Party with !!! and Friends

Not gonna lie...this wasn't my favorite lineup of this summer's Jelly Pool Parties, although with the headlining act of !!! providing a pop punch, there was no doubt we'd still have a rad time. And we did! While the rain kept East River State Park (nay, it'll always be the Williamsburg Waterfront to us) a bit more on the desolate side, most of our bestie bestests came out to kick it and listen to great music, even if we "eared up" from the confines of the All Saints Pub for a majority of the day. Tons of hugs and high fives with new and old pals alike were in abundance, and heck if we didn't bounce out of there with a super big grin on our smug mug. 



A splash of rain, a healthy heap of "da rummings" of Sailor Jerry and a soundtrack of rock, pop, experimental and amazing brass banding (seriously, Lee Fields was on some tight and titillating sensual steez!) all resulted in a really spectacular afternoon. And if you weren't there, well then, boo you...but you can live vicariously through some images. Say hey!


More pictures will be available here tomorrow. Internet/uploader is on a slow roll tonight.







mp3: !!! - The Most Certain Sure



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