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Catherine AD - Run The Heart (Sleigh Bells Cover)

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you find something ever so soothing, and yeah, it's precisely what you need at that very moment in time. So enter Catherine AD today (who is no stranger to these pages), with a simple and sublime cover that's intended to make you feel real feelings. There, I said it. My heart is warmed.




With this blanketed take on Sleigh Bells' Run the Heart, the songstress makes my knees go weak and my heart even softer. In other words...


...I love it.




mp3: CatherineAD - Run The Heart (Sleigh Bells Cover)




Be[a]st Covers (HURTS, Catherine AD and Diana Vickers)

Earlier this week, I got a note from camp Catherine AD regarding her orchestratingly-beautiful cover of HURTS' Better Than Love. My initial thought was to wait to post it up until something relevant and timely occurred, featuring either artist. Too bad, cause we gotta get this up now...thanks to another cover...only this time, the black-and-white and moody-pop boys spin their web over Diana Vickers' Once. Wowza!




Catherine goes all piano and harmonies with her take on Theo and Adam's first official single, while the lads decided to cover fellow UK pop singer Vickers' track on their recent trip into the BBC Radio 6's Live Lounge.


Both are rad. Both are Beaston approved. Both are below.


Win for all.


mp3: Catherine AD - Better Than Love (HURTS Cover)

mp3: HURTS - Once (Diana Vickers Cover)


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