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This Happened: Heineken Inspire Encore Event at NYC's Pier 36

This past Saturday, November 13, Heineken threw together a last minute party for about 3,000 of their closest, or not so close, friends and fans. Announced only two days prior to the bash, the Inspire Encore event quickly sold out of its free tickets leaving kids wanting to see Pete Rock, Nas, Cee-Lo, Diplo, J. Cole, Black Sheep and more all at the cost of naught. Oh, and they had a ton of free food and beer and surprisingly, was one of the most well-executed events, save for extended set times by performers, which became long long long in the tooth.




I had a blast getting down to some sweet tunes, and hey look at what my man Wes Deezy was sporting on his ears! He rocked a pair of the studio Beats by Dre headphones, which as I am typing this (shameless plug: on my new HP Beats 14 Envy Edition laptop), have also got my killer set on cranking out the music.


Biggest thrill of the day may have been the unannounced inclusion of Black Sheep, which was just...gosh, such a thrill. Hearing The Choice is Yours live in a jam packed pier hangar was beyond anything I could have anticipated, and me and my crew totally fanned out upon his entrance to the stage. Other highlights included: the insanity and forward nature of the crowd around us, J. Cole's rap over a Biggie jawn and Cee-Lo crushing Bright Lights Bigger City with his sexy all girl band.


For more of the fun, check out the select images, video I spliced together on my sweet new machine, or the full gallery of pics here.













Cee-Lo Green - Bright Lights, Bigger City (Dave Wrangler Radio 1 Remix)

In case you were wondering what's been consuming my obsessive listening tendencies lately, it's not Cee-Lo Green's new album, The Lady Killer. No, frankly, it's a bit long in the tooth and comes off as a major yawner. Sure there are a few choice cuts sprinkled in, but none as fantastic as Bright Lights Bigger City, and thanks to our buddy Dave Wrangler coming in with jauntier mix of the track, we can forget we ever spun the entire disc. So just toss this remix on for 45.8 minutes in repetition, which is how long you'd waste your time 'earing up on Green's solo effort.


You can watch the official clip for Bright Lights Bigger City here.




mp3: Cee-Lo Green - Bright Lights, Bigger City (Dave Wrangler Radio 1 Remix)




Kid Sister - Daydreaming (new video!)

Oooh wee...we're back in full swing now that SXSW is over, and what better way to kick off our return than with a new video from Kid Sister! Fittingly, she's just released the visuals for next single, Daydreaming, which is 100% the state of mind we're rolling around in right now.


Daydreaming is the 2nd official single from her debut album, Ultraviolet. It's a fresh and summery rub of a rad track that features vocals from Cee-Lo. We've already featured a number of the remixes of the tune, but you can jump further below for a stream of the the Helsinki 78-82 mix which is making us smile...a lot.

The newly-out visuals showcase a strolling Sister while she glances at ice cream eaters, works in a donut shop and has a ton of bubbly thoughts. Basically, it's everything we want to be doing right now. Hence the term, daydreaming.

Watch now.




mp3: Kid Sister - Daydreaming (Redlight Remix) 


Jack Splash (featuring Cee-Lo) - 38 Special

We've been singing the praises of funk-master, Jack Splash, for what seems like forever. Basically, he's jam-packed so much radness into our ears over the course of the past 6 months, that it feels like he's been kicking it with us in Beastonia since inception.


The new single from Jack Splash, 38 Special, features Cee-Lo. The cut comes from the upcoming King of The Beats Vol.1 mixtape album, which will drop, for free, on January 13.  As we've been reporting, these mixtapes are not the standard fare: all the beats and compositions are original. They are essentially mini-albums he has done leading up to his full length studio album that will debut in May via J Records.

Grab the track below. It's funky and free.

mp3: Jack Splash (featuring Cee-Lo) - 38 Special

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