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Nikita - Tonight (Franzy Scanner Remix)

There's 3 out of 5 words in that post title that I cannot speak so knowledgeably about. So in doing some research, I'm making it a clean sweep and getting learned and loved on Nikita and Fritzy Scanner, and the subsequent remix spewing forth from the latter via the former's original song. Hopefully, you are also a little smarter and a little sweatier after diving in on this new tune. It's big.



Nikita is one of Poland's most acclaimed electronic artists (and I think she's the first Polish musician I've ever had the pleasure of featuring here) who released a critically revered album in one of her former guises when she was 18 years old; a beguiling beauty whose sirenesque tones and joy of experimentation in music and the arts have earned her artistic acclaim, commercial success and tours including support for Depeche Mode. MAJOR.


Now, the 30 year old will release her debut single, Tonight, under the Nikita-moniker, on August 30. It’s the first single from her forthcoming debut album (a 2011 effort she's working on with Joe Cross, he notably from Performance and his production work with The Sound of Arrows and HURTS), but until then we've been bopping along to an amazing remix by Franzy Scanner, who are the newest signees to Herve's Cheap Thrills label.


Immediate love for this wiggly and wobbly fix. Dang...I didn't know I'd be sweating this so hard, but yeah, it's on!


PS: The 2:02 - 2:17 mark is swoon central. Just saying...


mp3: Nikita - Tonight (Franzy Scanner Remix)




Introducing: The Glamour

Hervé, and his label Cheap Thrills, have announced their newest signees, The Glamour. First up, some behind-the-music type info, then I'll dish out a rad tune for you to gobble up.


The Glamour are Diamonds (Asher Gray) and Richard Richard (Richard Galling). The pair are based in Milwaukee and their proximity to Chicago has helped in shaping their influences, particularly the deep house music scene.


The Love Burn EP is their first release the Cheap Thrills label and the title track features vocal from Diamonds. It’s also been remixed by labelmate Max Morrell. The EP will be available through Beatport on February 8.

Robot Rock, a cover of the Daft Punk original, is found on the b-side with a space disco remix by Mighty Mouse.


mp3: The Glamour - Robot Rock (Daft Punk Cover)


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